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Parental Teen Interventions

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Teens are indisputably one of the most sensitive of milestones in a human lifespan, which is as taxing for the parents as it is for the teen. Teen is the juncture which is characterized by a wide array of transformations of the likes of increasing expectations of society and the changing perception in society other than the all important physical changes for the young adolescent stands on the threshold of adulthood.

The hitherto child who has predictably depended on parents socially, economically and emotionally now transforms into a independent adult now taking independent decisions. The transition is stormy for some while it is perceptibly simple for others.


The transition from adolescence to adulthood in the present day scenario is fraught with societal demands in terms of academic and career choices – other than lifestyle demands which are best addressed by a subtle blend of independent decision making compounded by parental support – for growing up either at fifteen or at fifty five is equally difficult.


The discerning parent is more than aware of the changing teen scenario wherein the adolescent undergoes a perceptible paradigm shift from a family centric existence to a society centric co – existence. The successful parent is more of a confidante and advisor rather than a figure of authority – considering that the very essence of teens is challenging authority – the path to an identity creation.


The teen challenges the limits of authority and control exerted by society – be it parents or teachers. The perceptible change in clothes, style, decisions and lifestyle rebels against the traditional family norms and the successful parent exhibits a perceptible paradigm shift by adopting some or more of these modalities:

  • Educating the self about teen development and transitions and helping the teen cope with change successfully

  • Maintain perspective by identifying with the transitions by using personal behavior at that stage of life for moderating the teen

  • Support the teen by undertaking a parenting course for parenting is as much a learned skill as it is an instinctive one

  • Role changes – best characterized by being a good listener just as the teen has been in earlier years and in most situations

  • Educate – Life and lifestyle – The myths need to be exploded and a real time scenario needs to be communicated to the teen considering that life is not always fair and easy

  • Attitudes – a positive attitude needs to be inculcated for this would be the cornerstone for coping with failure and frustrations – which are an integral part of life

  • Encourage independence – without the apprehension of losing authority


The successful parent needs to be more than a provider for what the teen needs is a holistic support structure and a parent of substance would provide it all making external agencies superfluous and redundant and would be the basis of a strong and meaningful relationship which would weather the challenges and threats of life for years to come!

Published: 2006-04-07
Author: Aarti Narang

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