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Passion at work


At 21 I decided advertising was my calling. I made a list of the top five agencies and made a beeline for an interview with anyone who was willing to give me a few minutes.

In a heart beat I fell in love with the organization, the managers and my peers. I thought my job was akin to saving the world. Everyday was a new experience. Even filing was a mystery waiting to be unraveled,-the u-pins go on the papers in a particular way (long side at the back and the short side in the front) -”Don’t you know that?” asked my unit secretary. Feeling absolutely under informed about this simple task I actually questioned myself why I didn’t know!. Till date when I use a u-pin I replay this incident in my head.

Four years down the line after numerous U-pin like episodes, my love for the job had waned. I no longer wanted to be there and do the same stuff. I couldn’t get down to figuring why.

Good work profile? Check. Good organization? Check. Fast track career path? Check. Still want to quit? Check!!

I wanted out and fast .I no longer wanted to be part of this industry, and I see that happening to many of my peers who have entered at the same time as I did, or even a little later.

I realised that I had fallen out of love. It was the same thing over and over again, and I could see the future, me in my manager’s place dealing with what I was dealing with today-different year same shit.

So what happened? I didn’t have any particular burning ambition to do something else or was being done against.

This is a common syndrome amongst most young professionals “I‘m bored“. Work suddenly starts to look like work and we decide to throw in the towel and look to another organization in hope that the excitement will return.
The thing is, its never going to happen on its own, wherever you go history will repeat itself.

The only way to avoid the fatigue is to make work a part of your life, not make work your life. Learn a new language, join a dance class-the only reason why you want to go back to your college days is because of one simple thing: everyday you learnt something new

Make your life a cascade of first time experiences and its guaranteed you’ll never get bitten by the “I’m bored” bug.
Published: 2007-01-12
Author: Kavita Shenoy

About the author or the publisher
Ex-advertising professional.Seeking new career in writing about everything and anything.

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