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Paternity Testing

paternity testing

A paternity test is sometimes necessary. Some fathers, or potential fathers, will want to protect their own rights. Paternity testing can settle disputes on child support and visitation rights. Sometimes, the test needs to be done to prove or disprove the natural father of a child. And while paternity testing makes for high-ratings daytime talk shows, what are the true facts about paternity testing? Not everyone wants to air their dirty laundry on national television, so what are normal, every day people supposed to do in regard to paternity tests?

Unless the subject of paternity is going to be brought before a legal court, paternity testing is actually fairly simple and easy. The test compares DNA from the child with DNA of the alleged father, and paternity tests average between 99.9% to 100% accuracy. This is the test that will put all questions of parentage to rest. Either the father in question will know for sure that the child is his, or that it is not.

The procedure is very simple and can even be conducted through the mail. A kit will be sent via US Postal mail, with instructions and equipment on how to gather DNA. Every human being has their own unique DNA, and many things can be used to gather this DNA for paternity testing. Bodily fluids like blood and semen, a hair, a swab from the inside of the mouth, and even a cigarette butt can be used to determine DNA.

A standard paternity test can cost anywhere from one hundred to four hundred dollars, and the results will be ready in as soon as five days, up to two weeks for some results. When it comes to being sure about the father of a child, only you can determine if the cost and time is worth it to you.

However, for any paternity case that might be brought before a court, the test-by-mail system isn’t going to be legally binding. DNA samples have to be collected and witnessed properly to be sure of accuracy and to be sure the evidence is not tampered with. The test won’t be any more expensive, but the time and effort put into the test will be a lengthier procedure and could involve going to a laboratory or medical office.

But if there are questions that need to be answered, paternity testing provides accurate and indisputable results. When the DNA samples are collected correctly, paternity testing will hold up in a court of law. And a paternity test can put all questions to rest, once and for all.
Published: 2006-04-12
Author: K.C. Morgan

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