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Peace and Happiness

peace, happiness, anxiety, Rumi

A time comes when one feels disillusioned from the world, but only to the fortunate. Why is it that even after achieving what your desires you always seem to be looking for something more? Why has man been always looking for peace and happiness and always invain? Rumi provides an answer to this: “Happy the one who has become like us; who has become all surrender and contentment; Who has become the pledge of love and madness; who has become a jewel in the sea of purity.” They say “like attracts like”. The soul, our actual being, remains dissatisfied unless it discovers the element of its like, that is, “GOD”. The Human soul is infact what keeps the body alive, or why would we bury the body once the soul flees… the corpse is still there? Seeking purity, purgation of one’s self through love is what earns peace and happiness.

Rumi, the widest read poet in the west, stresses on love as the real source of all happiness and peace. Love of …? Not your boy friend or girl friend! Love of the one who loves you, love of GOD. The essence of human soul is love and real love is what brings peace and happiness, which only GOD can reciprocate. The youth, all around the world, is a prey to anxiety as a result of various reasons on the surface. But the psychologists or psychiatrists always miss out the soul, which is suffering and keep treating the body! Rumi, the guide of the soul, supplies numerous medicines in his beautiful “Mathnavi”, his most renowned work.

Today, why so many are reverting to him and many of his like because they have the answers and the medicine “peace and happiness”, what we are in dire need of. He speaks beyond all boundaries of religion and guides one to light, peace and real joy. Contact him; he will get you connected to the ONE.
Published: 2008-04-12
Author: Fariha Jamil

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I have been writing, editing and proof-reading for the past 7 years.

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