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Peace flows from within

Peace from within, Instrument of Peace


Today the modern world seems to be brimming to the full, on the one hand with scientific and technical advancements, and misery, sadness and pain on the other. Outwardly people seem to be more comfortable with the new age developments but inwardly suffering from personal isolation, injury and loss of peace within. There is so much of hurt, sorrow, and unexplained grief day in and day out in the lives of men and women who are otherwise healthy, well employed and even financially stable. Even in spite of pain and sorrow, we can see how some people can conquer them well, only if they allow peace to flow from within.

Personal Wounds: Just watch any movie or TV serial, or newscast, we see hurt, pain, misery, loss of hands, eyes, feet, dignity, abuse, respect and avoidable deaths allover, men, women, children, babies and even new borns. And who deals them out – man himself primarily, of course under the guise of freedom fights, jihads, fat was, child abuse, licensed and unlicensed prostitution, sodomy and what ought.

Wounds affect and transform: The phrase, " Where there is injury, pardon," needs to be seen in the context of being an instrument of peace. Men and women react to injury in different ways. Some are driven to hurt those who have injured them. Others allow the wound to fester within, creating feelings of discontent and bitterness which spill onto everything and everyone. As long as we carry such feelings within us, we cannot be instruments of peace. To be an instrument of peace we need to be driven by higher feelings like love, compassion, a commitment to justice or truth or other people's well - being. We must allow our basic instinctive peace to flow from within.

The Healing Touch: All is not forlorn, even with all the powers of tyrants, dictators, flesh-trading vultures, and fanatics, as we see the hundreds of helping hands, which are engaged in giving, solace to the scores of wounded as above – the old age homes, leprosarium, child-care groups, hospitals, destitute care centers and many more, which are living testimonies to this flow of love/help without expecting anything in return.

Make me an instrument of Peace: In the religious strife-torn capital of Ireland, Belfast, a tiny little girl called Erin just eight years old was killed, shot by an army soldier from a passing truck. Why? The girl’s mother had asked her to go and fetch some milk from the shop across the road, while holding her other baby. Erin went and bought the milk and crossed the road when there was hardly any traffic. Just then the truck happened to come along, and the soldier mistook Erin to be carrying a bomb and shot her as the mother looked on helplessly. The soldier was acquitted as he said he believed that the girl was indeed carrying a weapon a gun or bomb. Many quite did not agree with the court’s verdict. A spate and another cycle of vengeance and violence was expected to follow.

Erin’s mother Mary Stands out: Only a few months back her husband had been killed in a similar incident, when she was pregnant, and quick had been the repercussion, a cycle of violence hit the streets then and many people were killed. Mary's family and friends were worried as she stood cold, silent and stone- like at Erin's funeral. Mary surprised everyone by asking for peace at the end of the funeral. " Please don't attack the soldiers," she pleaded and as a mark of respect to Erin, there was no retributive violence. Later, she wrote to the group of soldiers who were on the streets that morning and invited them to her house. Sure enough she had gone insane – that’s what everyone thought.

Hearts Melt: Of the many soldiers, three accepted her invitation, when a few of her close relatives and family also came. After the first few embarrassing moments, as the soldiers walked into a room full of photos of Erin, one of them picked up a worn out teddy bear and as he did so, the enormity and outrageousness of the family's tragedy hit him. Tears slid down his face and he wept. The others were silent with shame and sadness.

Hatred turns into Love: A few months, after this meeting the three soldiers left the army and joined Mary in peace work in some of the churches in Northern Ireland. Although deeply wounded and full of grief, Mary did not let thick clouds of hate envelop her. Instead, she allowed her bleeding wounds to make her into an instrument of peace.

THINK! Many of our wounds are very light and insignificant in comparison. Yet we hold on to them and nurture vengeance in our hearts. We refuse to forgive those who hurt us. The theme of this reflection is not only for the big hurts in life, but where there is a need in your family or in your place of work as well, a wonderful opportunity to allow peace to flow from within our hearts.

Ø At times when my heart bleeds, help me to think,
Ø Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do.
Ø Touch my wounds and heal them.
Ø Help me to let go of my pain and make me into an instrument of peace
Published: 2006-04-05
Author: S.Louisraj

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1.Worked in different disciplines,research,qualitysystems,plant management, and now as freelance writer for three years.
2.A qualified mechanical engineer with a postgraduate degree in management.
3.Do not work for a salary, but doing social service administion at a medical clinic.
4. Interests are Behavioural sciences, quality systems and mentoring.
5. Nearly 250 writing assignments done,covering reports,editorials,Powerpoint presentations.

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