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Peoria Dealer Car Prices: Tips for Purchasing an Affordable Automobile

Peoria dealer car prices, Mazda 3 Peoria Illinois, Mazda 6 Peoria Illinois, Mazda 5 Peoria

Anyone in Peoria in the market for a new car right now seems to have one question in common—Where can I find the most affordable new car in Peoria?

What to remember when shopping is the cost of ownership, along with the sticker price of Peoria vehicles. The worst mistake you can make is buying a large, $16,000, V-8 SUV that you cannot afford to fill up with gas. With that in mind, here are the best values that I’ve found while hopping around to Peoria dealerships.

Mazda dominates the conversation when you consider affordable, quality autos. The Mazda 3 is one of the most affordable small cars around. For the Mazda 3 Peoria Illinois is the perfect place to own one. Given how much most Peoria residents drive, the Mazda 3’s 33 mpg highway keeps you away from the gas pumps for longer than most sedans can even dream about. With the Mazda 3, Peoria, Illinois car buyers can find a car that offers not only supreme affordability, but an incredibly sporty drive as well. No affordable small cars can match the fun driving experience provided by the Mazda 3. For the Mazda 3 Peoria Illinois car buyers can nab one starting at $15,700.

While the Mazda 3 is low-priced car, when considering most affordable cars, you must look at more than sticker price. That is why the Toyota Prius makes the discussion of most affordable Peoria cars. Though its sticker price is higher than a Mazda 3 or other comparable hatchbacks and sedans, the cost of ownership is less, given that the Prius gets 50 mpg. Peoria Prius shoppers will find models starting around $21,000 and increasing as a wide selection of options are added.

For shoppers seeking a very sporty option but hoping to stay under $20,000, the Mazda 6 steps in right on the mark. The Mazda 6 is a car that is very fun to drive and excels in fuel economy, getting 31 mpg on the highway. For the Mazda 6 Peoria Illinois shoppers can expect to pay just more than $19,000 for the entry level model.

Those three cars comprise perhaps the most affordable options for their segment for someone who can purchase a small or midsize sedan. However, some vehicle buyers need room in their next auto to fit the whole family. Once again, Mazda leads the way.

The Mazda 5 is simply the sportiest minivan-like vehicle in Peoria. When considering the Mazda 5 Peoria families have the most affordable six-passenger vehicle on the market. Sporty and affordable, the Mazda 5 also includes all safety features family car buyers look for when selecting a vehicle that can tote around their most precious cargo. In many ways, the Mazda 5 is exactly what families are looking for today: an affordable, sporty vehicle that can carry the whole family but looks much more stylish than a traditional minivan. By combining simplicity with fun, Mazda has made the vehicles that seem to be the right fit for Peoria shoppers at this time.

This is certainly the time to find low Peoria dealer car prices. However, you want to consider all your costs of ownership before buying something simply because of a great rebate offer. If you shop wisely now, you will find yourself with an affordable vehicle that will get excellent fuel economy and last for years. However, if you let your eyes get too big, you may regret purchasing a severely discounted, unreliable gas-guzzler. Stick with fuel economy and dependability, and you cannot go wrong. And a good place to start would be Toyota and Mazda dealers in Peoria.

John Curtis is a writer and auto enthusiast who contributes to several websites and blogs, writing about the latest trends in the auto industry and reviewing new vehicles. In his articles there is useful information about Mazda 3 Peoria Illinois and Peoria dealer car prices
Published: 2009-05-19
Author: John Curtis

About the author or the publisher
John Curtis is a writer and auto enthusiast who contributes to several websites and blogs, writing about the latest trends in the auto industry and reviewing new vehicles.


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