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Peoria Fuel-Efficient Vehicles: Driving for a Greener Illinois

Peoria fuel-efficient vehicles, Peoria Toyota Camry Hybrid, Bloomington Toyota Prius

Plenty of Central Illinois residents want a cleaner planet, country and community, but it is not always easy to decipher what actions are best to take when making choices as a consumer. It is important to understand that society cannot shop its way to a cleaner and more sustainable world, but buying things is something we all must do. So why not do it as prudently as possible?

More than other buying decisions, the selection you make for your next car can have a greater effect on the world around us. Unfortunately, searching for Bloomington or Peoria fuel-efficient vehicles can also be confusing. Hopefully with the following insight, you’ll be able to make the greenest choice when confronted with the barrage of information that accompanies the process.

Fuel economy is usually the top thing on every car buyer’s mind when looking for the greenest vehicle on the lot. It is the most important component. However, there is more to the “green” story than reducing fuel consumption. While there are a plethora of items on an automobile that can affect its recyclability or carbon footprint, the main things other than simple fuel economy you will want to consider to do your part in driving toward a greener planet are a vehicle’s CO2 emissions per mile and tailpipe emissions rating.

Luckily, a government agency has made this easy. Yes, a government agency made something easy. The Environmental Protection Agency has a program known as SmartWay, which gives consumers an easy guide to comparing and rating vehicles based upon their fuel economy, CO2 emissions and tailpipe emissions. At you will find an excellent tool for locating the best Bloomington and Peoria fuel-efficient vehicles.

The EPA refers to a vehicle’s determined CO2 emissions as its Greenhouse Gas score and designates tailpipe emissions under what it terms an Air Pollution score. The EPA’s Greenhouse Gas score reflects fuel lifecycle emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, like nitrous oxide, hydroflurocarbons and methane. SmartWay is the first system under which the EPA has included CO2 in emissions ratings. CO2 is easy to estimate, as it correlates with the amount of fuel consumed. Gasoline-electric hybrids are top performers in this category.

The Air Pollution score as determined by the EPA’s SmartWay program rates vehicles on their amount of tailpipe emissions, which contribute to local and regional air pollution, creating health issues for residents. Among major pollutants in vehicle exhaust are carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas, and particulate matter, tiny matter that lodges in lungs and on surrounding surfaces.

In 2008 the EPA designated just 26 percent of vehicles as “SmartWay,” or above average in fuel economy, Greenhouse Gas score and Air Pollution score. Then, there are the peak performers—vehicles designated as “SmartWay Elite” that comprise only a few of the more than 2,600 vehicles on the road. Locally, the good news for Central Illinois car buyers is that two Bloomington and Peoria fuel-efficient vehicles make this elite list.

The Peoria Toyota Camry Hybrid and Bloomington Toyota Prius were rated as SmartWay Elite vehicles in 2008 based upon their exemplary fuel economy and exceptionally high Greenhouse Gas and Air Pollution scores.

Bloomington Toyota Prius buyers will inherit the benefit of having the best fuel economy of any car on the road and a fun, capable vehicle for all situations. Peoria Toyota Camry Hybrid buyers will enjoy the space of a true sedan while driving about the local community knowing that they are doing their part to keep Central Illinois clean.

The ability to find the greenest Bloomington and Peoria fuel-efficient vehicles is something on the minds of many Central Illinois residents. Luckily, Central Illinois car shoppers can go green by becoming Bloomington Toyota Prius owners or Peoria Toyota Camry Hybrid owners. And the best part is that the EPA’s website is there to make your environmental comparison shopping easier.

John Curtis is a writer and auto enthusiast who contributes to several websites and blogs, writing about the latest trends in the auto industry and reviewing new vehicles. In his articles there is useful information about Peoria fuel-efficient vehicles and Bloomington Toyota Prius
Published: 2009-05-19
Author: John Curtis

About the author or the publisher
John Curtis is a writer and auto enthusiast who contributes to several websites and blogs, writing about the latest trends in the auto industry and reviewing new vehicles.


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