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Peoria Luxury Car Options You May Not Think of First

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Driving around Peoria, I see the usual luxury cars out on the roads. BMW and Mercedes cars pop up around area Starbucks locations like weeds around my lawn jockey statue, and it is obvious Peoria luxury car buyers are familiar with those trendy options. However, there are some Peoria luxury auto alternatives that a lot of area luxury car buyers may not think of first when looking to purchase. But theses cars offer different flavors to the luxury smorgasbord and may offer drivers a more unique look and better fit than more cookie-cutter luxury vehicles.

The first one I will mention may be the furthest from luxury car buyers’ minds when they begin looking. It is the Toyota Land Cruiser. I know, when you think about Toyota you think of quality, dependable cars and fuel efficiency. But the Toyota Land Cruiser is my preferred answer to the luxury Land Rover brand. The Land Cruiser from Toyota offers the same luxury of a Land Rover but with a more capable engine and better looks. The Land Cruiser is every bit as off-road capable as a Land Rover, which is a big selling point. Of course, we know that most people looking for a Peoria luxury auto will not get into the deep wilderness very often. After all, most off-roading is done by combines around here, but the Land Cruiser should really dominate the grassy terrain next to the soccer field while your son kicks the ball the wrong way. The Land Cruiser is my favorite luxury option among SUVs, and what I like best is its distinctiveness.

Another SUV I am particularly fond of is the GMC Yukon Denali. The Yukon Denali is the luxury selection if you do serious towing work. It has a huge engine and elegant exterior and interior design. This might be a vehicle that is thought of only after the Cadillac Escalade. That is only a helpful strategy if you really cannot stand the thought of having an extra $15,000 lying around. The Yukon Denali offers up all the luxury you get from an Escalade. If you’re a Peoria luxury car buyer looking for serious towing and pampering ability, the Denali is for you. If you are looking for a vehicle with a fancy emblem that makes Christopher and Prescott down at the country club invite you to brunch, I suppose you should consider the Cadillac.

This next one should be among the top choices for luxury at Peoria new car dealers, but somehow buyers have not seen the light on this one. The Buick Lucerne is like a night at the Plaza Hotel on wheels. You cannot find a smoother, more comfortable luxury drive, which should mean the Lucerne is priced for the rich. Luckily, no one told Buick about this, and the entry trim level starts at $27,690 with the Super trim level coming in under $40,000. Believe me, the Lucerne offers very real luxury you can compare to any of the other higher priced luxury sedans out there.

Finally, for the environmentally conscious, there is now a dedicated luxury hybrid on the market. Lexus has just released the world’s first hybrid-only luxury sedan, the HS 250h, which now gives Peoria car buyers a chance to opt for ultimate luxury and gratifying greenness in one place. No longer will Peoria luxury auto buyers have to sacrifice the lavishness they are after for the greener solutions of more ordinary cars. Lexus is one brand that may come to mind for luxury, but not everyone knows about the brand’s new luxury hybrid. People will know soon. It is an optimal vehicle that you cannot help but love to drive, and one that keeps Peoria’s streets and air cleaner.

You will not be disappointed in any of these vehicles if you give them a chance. I hope I have made you give thought to looking for some of these luxury underdogs as you make your way around Peoria new car dealers in search of the perfect luxury vehicle.

John Curtis is a writer and auto enthusiast who contributes to several websites and blogs, writing about the latest trends in the auto industry and reviewing new vehicles. In his articles there is useful information about Peoria luxury car and Peoria luxury auto
Published: 2009-05-19
Author: John Curtis

About the author or the publisher
John Curtis is a writer and auto enthusiast who contributes to several websites and blogs, writing about the latest trends in the auto industry and reviewing new vehicles.


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