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Peoria New Car Dealers Upbeat about 2009 Sales

Peoria new car dealers

Despite an extreme economic downturn and an auto industry that has been reeling in the first half of the year, Peoria-area car dealers are still positive-minded about what the second half of 2009 holds for their sales numbers.

Speaking to managers at Peoria new car dealers, I got the impression that 2009 is a year for optimism in the auto industry, as strange as that sounds. It seems every expert and politician has told us repeatedly that the recovery of our economy will be slow and may get even worse before it gets better. So why are local members of the auto industry, which has been hit harder than most, so upbeat?

The best way to combat an industry downturn is by refocusing every effort on the customer. Keeping that creed in mind, area auto dealers are making every effort to reach out to customers and give them the products and services they want most.

Equally as important, car manufacturers have begun making the cars people are asking for. For instance, almost all manufacturers have rolled about hybrid vehicles. One particular segment that is growing is the luxury hybrid vehicle segment. Buyers seeking luxury cars but concerned about fuel use and the environment have had to choose between a desirable luxury vehicle and a non-luxury hybrid. Lexus just rolled out the first ever dedicated luxury hybrid, the HS 250h, this year and many other luxury manufacturers have added hybrid options to their current models.

Many experts are expecting the economy to begin rebounding late this year. While significant recovery may not begin until 2010, many consumers who are in a position to purchase a new car, but who have put it off due to the economic climate, may lead the way in fourth-quarter purchasing for 2009.

Is that anticipated surge at the end of the year enough to be optimistic about? As managers at Peoria new car dealers told me, there is not much occasion for being pessimistic in the auto industry. Auto sales have always been a big indicator of the nation’s economic health, which is to say cars have sold very well for the past 60 years on the whole. Basically, dealers and manufacturers realize that overall trend is likely to continue, but for now they must tread water and look forward to the upswing in consumer confidence.

The optimism really rests on new outlooks by car companies, who are eliminating models which consumers do not want or which are too closely related to another model by the same manufacturer. The new, leaner lineups give consumers the best options rather than the most, and the auto industry should benefit from a less diluted market.

Another byproduct of the economic downturn, and by some relation fuel prices, is the increase in demand and supply of hybrid vehicles, which consumers are wanting more and more. Not only are hybrid vehicles growing in market share thanks to government incentives and consumer conscience, hybrids can potentially dig the auto industry out of its hole more quickly. Because of high demand from consumers, who are looking to decrease their carbon footprints and help reduce the nation’s reliance on oil may shorten the product life cycle of their current vehicles. This bump in business could be exactly what car companies need to get back on track. Additionally, the jump in capital would only increase reinvestment in hybrid vehicles and other autos that consumers demand.

The auto industry is moving through a desert right now. But there is lush ground appearing on the horizon, and the investment in hybrid vehicles is no mirage.

John Curtis is a Peoria, Illinois writer and auto enthusiast who contributes to several car websites and blogs, writing about the latest trends in the auto industry and reviewing new vehicles in Peoria. His articles feature locally valuable information about Peoria luxury car dealers and Peoria new car dealers
Published: 2009-06-08
Author: John Curtis

About the author or the publisher
John Curtis is a writer and auto enthusiast who contributes to several websites and blogs, writing about the latest trends in the auto industry and reviewing new vehicles.


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