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Perhaps I am missing you

Perhaps, i, am, missing, you, love, loved ones, parents, siblings, friends, christmas

There are times when we are far away from our loved ones. These distances might be temporary or everlasting but our hearts are with them. We might be very busy and preoccupied in our lives but we can’t stop remembering them…we wait for a reunion and we can keep on waiting for them throughout our lives…because they are our love. This is a poem for those loved ones…’Perhaps I Am Missing You’

Perhaps I Am Missing You

The world is in a festive mood
As Christmas is not so far
Everyone is filled with joy
Firework is blinding the star

Why the same I cannot do
Perhaps I am missing you.

Men are singing Christmas carols
There is laughter all around
One cannot avoid listening to
The holy church bell’s sound

Why the same I cannot do
Perhaps I am missing you.

All the days are busy
And the nights are fun
In this little time
Much has to be done

Why the same I cannot do
Perhaps I am missing you.

Now as its Christmas Eve
All are enjoying the treats
Some are playing with children
Some are dancing to the beats

Why the same I cannot do
Perhaps I am missing you.

I want to pray silently
For you to be back
Because in this festive season
Love is what I lack

This is all that I can do
Because I am missing you.

Published: 2007-12-30
Author: Vartika Misra

About the author or the publisher
I have a few synopsis accepted by agents and working on the manuscript. Writing is my passion and love and I am fully dedicated to it. I have also good experience of blogging and writing for website.

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