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Pet Peeves About Get-Rich-Quick Gurus

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You have to love the idea of Get-Rich-Quick gurus. After all, their intentions seem noble. They are multimillionaires looking to expand into philanthropy and are starting their new lot in life by giving away their marketing knowledge to entry-level workers. However, how many of these gurus are really legitimate businesspersons? More importantly, how do you know if these people are really going to help you personally make more money?

It’s important to be inquisitive when it comes to handling these generous business geniuses. Since they undoubtedly were once like you, striving for a better life, perhaps even short on cash, they should be able to appreciate a customer that asks questions. The best gurus you will find online are all about questions and answers. They are willing to explain their business model and what you can do to expand upon the business and bring a personal touch to your operation.

The wrong type of gurus, the scam artists and exaggerators, are the ones that sell useless products, use too much hyperbole and never actually reveal how they made all their money in the first place. Simply advertising an infallible “system” of success should not be enough to convince you. You want to know the specifics of how to get started, how to maintain a business, and how to make a career out of it in the long-term. For more information on the secrets of making money, visit
Published: 2008-12-02
Author: Mark McCarthy

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