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Philippines: A Tourist Destination in the Far East - MABUHAY!!!

Philippines, Filipino, Churches, Schools, Medical Tourism

Filipinos are a hospitable people. Apart from cooking the "Best Meal" (given what is readily available), simple Rural Folks would willingly provide best accomodation for their guests - even giving up the best (or only) bedroom in their Family House. In the City, Filipinos playing host would help secure confirmed bookings according to their guests' Choice-of-Hotel.

I started touring the Philippine Countryside at age 16. As it was my 1st Trip away from home (upon invitation of my 1st Yr College Classmate to spend together our 2-months "Summer Vacation" in his hometown), I was ecstatic seeing new places and meeting new people. Eversince then, I have visited much of the entire Philippine Archipelago - from Batanes to Jolo. I have prayed in Old Churches designed by Spanish Friars. I have visited Historical Sites depicting the heroism of the Filipino. I have been captivated by the beautiful Luzon landscape sceneries of the Manila Sunset; the dwarfting Taal Volcano (the smallest volcano in the World - within a Lake, within a Volcano); the majestic Mayon Volcano with its near-perfect cone - and of many other Tourist Sites in the Visayas and Mindanao. And having transacted with Filipino and Chinoy Businessmen (in all Commercial Centers from North to South of the Philippine Archipelago), I find them generally credit-worthy and industrious. Most of all, I value the friendship, honesty, and creativity of the God-loving Filipino.

To Foreigners (wanting "value-for-money"), the Philippines would make a good Special-Interest Tourist Destination for many reasons:
(1st) Religious Tourism - Christian-Muslim Faiths are alive countrywide;
(2nd) Cultural/Historical Tourism - Multi-racial Influences are clearly evident;
(3rd) Medical Tourism - Filipino Medical Specialist are at par with the World's Best at lower cost;
(4th) Spiritual Healing Tourism - Filipino Spiritists are gifted with healing hands;
(5th) Eco-Tourism - Most of the untraveled Countryside awaits to be discovered;
(6th) Business Tourism - Filipino Businessmen value mutually benefiting ventures;
(7th) Education Tourism - Philippine Universities are attended by foreign students.

If need be, I could be your Tour Guide.
Published: 2009-05-25
Author: Ernesto del Castillo

About the author or the publisher
I'm a natural-born Filipino and permanent resident of the Philippines. As Christian Catholic, I witness Christ in my day-to-day work. As Family Man, I cherish the loving care of my Wife for 42 years - and mentor my Sons in their respective careers. As a Senior Citizen, I envision building Homes-for-the-Elderly in select neighborhoods in Metropolitan Manila. As an Environmentalist, I advocate shift from the use of dirty Fossil Fuel to clean Renewable Energy. I define LIFE as Time Management.

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