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PHOTOGRAPHY , photographer, to photography is a type of mental hygiene!

Which the power of the memory to record images of daily events? The brain can have infinite power of fixation of images, but the mental image of the memory won't be a hundred faithful percent to the that in fact happened! The same doesn't happen with the photography. The pothography " freezes " the moment! The photography “captures" and “arrests” the moment! The photography " eternalizes " the moment while she exists! Children that are growing; kisses that are changed; commemorations in the school, in the company, in the club - things that are fastened in the memory for later... only to remain memories, scattered ,diluted among thousand other. But, when a pothography registers the event, your proprietor he will be owner of one moment that it will pass! Oh! yes , the moment will be in front of him how many times he wants! But there is really something spectacular: the photographer, professional or amateur, decides which moment wants to retain; in other words, he ends for becoming a type of magician, of Mandrake of the century XXI! It is known that the Indians, when they were photographed, they panicked : your images printed in the photography!!! They thought had captured your souls ! Happily this time already passed! Today, we have Indians in the Congress landing for... photography! And Raoni (Brazilian Indian) it was photographed with Sting, American singer! Finally, photography is also therapy: to photography is a type of mental hygiene! If you, friend reader, is not a writer of memoirs (although has good memory) in a first opportunity doesn't hesitate: photograph! In the photography you can trust: the moment won't get lost! With relationship to the memory ...well , this is a case personal, very personal.. In every case, it is better to register the moment starting from a phothography. Raoni and Sting that say it!

Published: 2006-10-25

About the author or the publisher
My name is Adilson Pinto. I am 47 years old. I have 5 published books. I am Therapist Holístico and Journalist.

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