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Pieces From The Heart

Love is a big blessing but man cant keep it flowing

When I wake in the morning these days the sun cant shine.I remember those times when you lay by my side and brought a new meaning to the word LOVE.The two of us a healthy blend of chocolate and cream made cold nights warm and dawn always fell above our potrait.Those times are now gone.And I get over it.I find it hard to believe that you left my life.memories of you and i together keep flooding back and guess what?They are beautiful.

Remember the first time i met you,i was strolling down the acacia avenue taking in the innocent view of the green landscape alongside the road.There were flowers -blue,red and violet:there were birds that chirped and sang in tones so melodious,i would have slept on the road;then i saw an angelic girl who was walking towards me,she was brown ,the kind of brown you unwrap in a cadbury,skin so smooth-velvet wouldn't have looked better eyes that sparkled and shone and revealed the innermost sounds and secrets of a soul;body so slender and athletic.

I felt a weakling and i was fearing to say hello to a stranger .oh what a shame.I was shy and my heart beat so wildly.All that seems like eons ago .I wait at the door every evening you come back.I need the sunshine on my bed because i dread cold nights.come back and hope you some day.can't stop waiting.
Published: 2008-12-31

About the author or the publisher
am a ugandan and i love writing very much


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