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Piety is the answer to perfection.

Pious, piety.

There are four types of God’s creations. They are plants, animals, human beings and celestials. Among these creations, human beings are bestowed with all opportunities for progress and improvement. They have more scope for all developments, provided they uphold pious thoughts and cleaner hearts. If they do not uphold the code of conduct and go against the prescribed rules of leading a life of piety and purity, their earthly existence is bound to suffer. The *Ramayana helps us understand this truth.

Lord Ram, the incarnation of God came to the earth as an ordinary man. He had a mission; a mission to emancipate man from the grip of evils. On the earth, he lives the life of a mortal but not leaving his piety and purity. Even on the face of extreme tribulations, he did not falter from his pious thoughts. Ramayana is the depiction of a common man’s life on this earth. Ram was subjected to loss of his crown, his beloved wife and faced all kind of frustrations, but he never swerved from his pious thoughts and noble deeds.

The moral of ‘Ramayana,’ the holy verses of The Hindu Religion states, “Be you a man who follows righteous path and pious thoughts, then you are closer to God.” The text is full of narrations of the challenges, the experiences that evoked feelings of pity and compassion and moving emotions that Ram went through, still upholding the pious values he cherished.

Lord Ram justified the purpose of his incarnation demonstrating, how man can be upright and amicable in his behavior, pious and peaceful in his nature, in the face of sorrows and challenges. The epic’s narration of Ram is worthy of emulation. He came to the earth on his own unlike the mortals who had to be here to go through all kinds of tribulations, due to the consequences of their past deeds.

He played the role of man during his manifestation, undergoing all that were pre-ordained, yet retaining all his powers and pious thoughts. The epic provides man an opportunity to emulate Lord Ram and cleanse his heart, fill himself with pious thoughts, and lead a moral life. It is not difficult to follow the Lord’s path of perfection and reach the goal, if you lead a life of (b)piety(/b) and sincerity, and with a pure heart.

*The holy text of Hinduism and the epic story of Lord Ram.
Published: 2009-06-17
Author: ceevel

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