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Pink Diamonds

GIA standards for pink diamonds,Where do you find pink diamonds?,What do you desire – natural or enhanced pink diamond?

If you have managed to pamper yourself with an exquisite piece of pink diamond jewelry consider yourself extraordinary. This stunning gemstone is said to be the rarest and the most sought after of ornament on earth. Believe it or not, the sheer rarity of pink diamonds has kept even several passionate jewelry connoisseurs out of its reach.

Sample this. Only one among the largest top 66 diamonds in the world is pink. We are talking about the original (natural) pink diamond. Natural pink diamonds are known to be so exceptional that even diamond manufacturers and traders consider themselves lucky to trade with one.
A typical natural pink diamond has only a light pink tinge. It appears to look quite unlike pink sapphires which vary in shades of pink (from pale pink to almost red). A diamond specialist will tell you that a pink sapphire, whatever its color intensity may be, will still lack the brightness and sparkle of natural pink diamonds. Moreover, natural pink diamonds are several folds harder and more durable than pink sapphires. The features of pink diamonds therefore make them so much more expensive.

However, it seems to be the demand of the day that admirers desire louder shades of pink in diamonds and this has evolved manufacturers to modify the color of diamonds and sell `enhanced’ or `treated’ pink diamonds. This demand made way for many fancy colored treated diamonds including pink and in turn increased the popularity of natural pink diamonds.

One thing, however, is certain about pink diamonds. Natural pink diamonds are more expensive than enhanced pink diamonds. Among enhanced pink diamonds, darker shades of pink fetch a higher price than lighter shades.

What you fancy -- natural pink diamonds or enhanced pink diamonds -- largely depends upon what you want from your diamond – clarity or color intensity/purity. While clarity of the diamond is more in natural pink diamond, the purity and intensity of pink color is more in treated or enhanced pink diamonds. Many believe that it doesn’t really matter what the clarity of the diamond is so long as they possess the pink color diamond. And typically so, there is a huge demand for enhanced pink diamonds.

The craving has given rise to a wide variety and a large quantity of popular enhanced pink diamonds in the recent years. Brilliant shades of blue, purple, green, canary and others have added to the addiction among jewelry fans across the world. Although there are a number of very popular famous pink diamonds in the recent years, the very famous Argyle diamond mine in Australia now produces about 90 per cent of the world’s total colored diamonds including pink diamonds.
Among natural untreated pink diamonds, most of the jewelry is made to order, of SI-I clarity. One can still see a slight variation in the pink color. That’s obvious. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) notes that no two diamonds are alike and ditto with pink diamonds. Whether natural or enhanced, the cut, shape and clarity of pink diamond jewelry conform to GIA standards.

Pink diamonds can be cut into any shape. Among them, the modern round brilliant cut for pink diamonds is said to be the most popular of all cuts. Gemologists are of the opinion that the princess cut has proved to be the most successful cut for pink diamonds. However, the heart shape and the pear shape cuts for pink diamonds, which are said to be the modifications of the modern round brilliant cut, are in equal demand. Some also consider the radiant octagon cut to be far more attractive than any other cut for pink diamonds.

The cost of diamonds is skyrocketing and will continue to be so. That’s what makes diamonds in general, so very special and exclusive. Charges vary according to the grading of your diamond in terms of clarity, color purity and color intensity. More the clarity, higher the cost. More purity and color intensity higher the cost of man-made pink diamonds.

So if you want to bedazzle yourself with a sparkling piece of fine pink diamond jewelry, all you need to do is to approach a trusted and established jeweler for your enquiries. He will put you through all the requisite details. If you insist on picking up a natural pink diamond, you might have to work your patience with time. We assure you it is not going to come easy. But when you get it, make sure you have the diamond quality card with you. You can also seek suggestions and recommendations from the Jewelers of America Online and American Gem Society (GIS). They will be able to put you through jewelers who trade with both natural and treated pink diamonds.

Whatever said, if you own a pink diamond, you are truly lucky. And when you have it, flaunt it.
Published: 2008-02-03
Author: Paawana Poonacha Cariappa

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