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Plan Ahead and Get that Job Done!

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Plan Ahead and Get that Job Done!

The project is big – so big you don’t even want to think about working on it. So how can you convince your own mind to look past all the work involved and get the job done? Break it down with a business plan, a timeline, a to-do list, or an outline. That project can only be completed one manageable step at a time, so that is exactly how you should look at it.

Start by knowing what the goal is. What do you want to accomplish and when does it need to be finished? What is the thesis for your paper – the date for the wedding – the product you are producing? Whatever it is – that is the goal to keep in mind. Write out and post where you can easily see it. It may look like you have a lot of time and you might feel like you’re organized, but dates do sneak up on us.

Every project can be broken up into smaller parts. The end goal may be so far away that you can’t possibly push yourself to get there in one go, but you can push yourself to get to that next mini goal. Once that is reached you already know what the next goal is. It’s written out in your plan. You know that finishing each mini goal puts you one step closer to the final goal. Without clearly defined steps you would work and work and see nothing but the one uncompleted final goal. You might get discouraged because there is no sense of accomplishment. How can you possibly gage your progress without a plan? That final goal looks far away and unachievable until you break it down to manageable steps.

When the next project comes along remember these tips:

· Determine what the actual goals are – what are the end results you want to achieve and what time is allotted for the job?
· List all the jobs that have to be done to get to that end result
· Create a time-line
· Review regularly and revise as required
· Watch your progress as you work through the plan you created. You can start a big project and see it through to the end!
Published: 2006-06-27
Author: Leanna Hoos

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Leanna is a freelance writer specializing is lifestyle writing. She retired from a career as a Registered Practical Nurse and now holds a BA in Mass Communication. She is the mother of three grown children. For more information check out

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