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Poem on film



Film as an art, I am the artist.
Film as a religion, I am the preacher.
Film as a diamond, I am the cutter.
Film as a being, I am its’ lover.

Film as love, I am its’ soul.
Film as music, I am the instrument.
Film as life, I am the air.
Film as fire, I am the spark.

Oh to be born for a mission,
And to know what it’s all about.
To love it, to feel it and to embrace it.
It’s all about passion and it’s all about sacrifice,
To sacrifice one’s lifetime for it, and to never regret it.
To know that you are the one,
To lead, to explore and to win!
To be resilient and to persevere on and on,
To see the guiding light and to believe in it.
There will be no fear, only strength,
And there will be no doubt, only courage.
Through the rain and through the sun,
There is a will, so there surely is a way.
To love the mission so deeply,
Not a soul can understand why.
To dedicate one’s heart, mind and soul to the goal,
To breathe it, and live it, that’s what it’s all about.
To let the passion run through your blood,
And to give life to the mission minute after minute.
To scour all possibilities night and day,
And to never give in.
To reach out to the world,
To let them know you are the one.
To be patient, and let others go by,
‘Cos when you reach the goal,
You’re the one who’s going to shine.
To reach the first step,
But never to stop there.
One film after the other,
The latter always better than the previous one.
To reach the greatest heights,
No one can ever dream of.
This is my mission, this is my life,
And to reach it, work night and day, will I.

Published: 2007-06-01
Author: Swarupa Pillaai

About the author or the publisher
I am a freelance writer,who has just completeed a screenplay for an independent production company in the US.I also work on ahort news articles related to entertainment,especially movie reviews.

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