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Poetry is a magnetic feeling of heart that shrinks the mind of poet to write some beautiful words on a blank peace of paper. It is not an art that require any professional degree or course nor can it be teach in classes, it’s only felt inside the soul. A question arises what is the real meaning of ‘Poetry’? After discussing, reading and observing result was – Poem is made of three things “ Coordination of Thoughts and Imagination .

Poetry can be considered as an empathetic, that is, to read and understand others heart. It can be rhyming and non rhyming and can be on any topic like Love, War, Humor, Sorrows, Profession etc. but its ultimate aim is to say the life in fewer words.

Poem and life are equal in one aspect, that quality of both can be evaluated by there width not by there length, i.e., multiple happy moments in shorter life and small poem with high impact are considered better. Another aspect is, poetries are generated from the things that a person felt, observe and create in life.

Poetry as a profession is also developing in recent time with the emergence of modern technologies like “Internet”. Poets of different places can compete in poetry contests and even find publishers for their book world wide. Further poetries are not limited to books, posters, calendars, gift items, greeting cards and even in advertisement also.

To conclude – Poetry is a beautiful gift of life
Published: 2007-04-10

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