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Poetry Writing; In So Many Words

Poetry, writing, poetic verse, words

Unlike most genres of writing poetry has a comparatively limited line count and aside from long form poetry the typical poem is composed on a singular page.

Although short in structural format poetry can pack an enormous emotional punch simply by virtue of its content. In the world of electronic poetry submission brevity is typical ie. forty lines or less.

With the right choice of words a poem can be crafted with such emotion, such exhilaration, such impact that the reader can be thoroughly satisfied with absorbing a mere page or two of his or her favourite poet's works and want to stay tuned for more.

Poetry is an exploration of one's own perception, emotions, tolerance, faith...and so much more. Poetic verse can be a powerful message conveyed simply by well-crafted word composition that paints a picture, a vision, a memory, an observation.

As a writer of poetry there is the absence of hundreds of pages of script that affords an author a wealth of opportunity to dialogue for the reader in order to paint that same picture.

When writing a novel the writer is able to embellish upon the location of the story, character development, plot structure, generally to verbalize at length what the author wishes the reader to see, feel, sense in the story line.

Poetry, on the other hand, is conveyed in a relatively brief format and as such the author must refine the subject matter within a much more focused and limited manner.

Amazingly poetry can extend from a mere handful of lines to any number of verses. The choice of wording is critical to the impact it has on the reader.

Each stansa should contain elements that give the poem consistency, words that tie the poem together from start to finish with the whole being the sum of its parts.

When reading a work in progress the author must cast an objective eye upon the page. Does the piece meld together nicely or does it lack cohesive word usage that easily conveys the writer's creative intent?

The beauty of electronic media such as the internet is that the author is not strictly bound by first publication. The writer is free to edit infinitum until satisfied that the piece has achieved the desired results.

Poetry is an intrinsic puzzle where the author is compelled to put together the right word pieces to paint that all-important picture in the reader's mind. Master word and phrase selection and the poet will reach their audience in immeasurable ways.
Published: 2006-08-06
Author: Don MacIver

About the author or the publisher
Author and poet Don MacIver resides on an island in the Pacific northwest off the west coast of Canada. His writings include a diverse range of themes and are receiving critical acclaim from devoted readers and fellow writers worldwide.

The author has self published his first book "Journeys In Verse" and his second poetry book titled "Touched By A Rose" is nearing completion.

Many of the author's works have appeared in internet forums, his website and online journal.

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