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Even though the November election is over, the politicos continue to consolidate their power. President-elect Obama has vacated his Illinois Senate seat. Who will serve the remaining two years of his term? The answer depends on your party affiliation. State rules say the Governor selects the new Senator and, of course, the Democrats support this rule because the Governor is a Democrat and would appoint a Democratic Senator.

The only problem is the Governor is under investigation for selling the vacant seat. How low can a person go? On the other side, the Republicans are pressing for an open election. Does this mean the Republicans are favour of the voters? No! The Republicans figure they can win the seat if the election is up to the voters. The underlying theme here is the politicos are after one thing: power.

Both sides could care two hoots about elections or appointments. They don’t care about citizens. All they want is to get the political power to control Congress. The Illinois situation is only different because the politico attempts are so blatant. The situation raises two important points. First of all, this is an election/appointment for federal office. Since when, do the petty local and state politicos call the shots for federal election? The same rules for federal replacement should apply across the fifty states.

No state governor or legislature should have the power or authority to appoint anyone to federal office. Secondly, the Senator or Congressman/woman should be elected by the citizens of the state. The voters must decide who will represent them, not the politicos. Fair and open elections should be the norm and required for any federal vacancy. Some politicos say the special election will cost money. Since when do politicos care about taxpayer money? These same politicos spend money on every pork-barrel project they can find in Washington. Money and expense are simply an excuse. Simply put, the politicos fear they might lose the seat. But the real losers are the citizens of this country. They are being held to political machinations and power politics.

The politicos will continue to swing back and forth about the Illinois appointment without losing any political power. What fine outstanding people they are! All voters and citizens should be proud of the way the Democrats are handling the appointment. The Republicans cry foul, and then do the same thing. The politicos are always licking their lips in anticipation of gaining more power. Perhaps, in the next election, the politicos could dispense with the voters and be elected by using their power.

Isn’t that the way oligarchies get started?
Published: 2009-01-14
Author: Fred Westmark

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Fred W. is a freelance writer of six film scripts, three novels, twenty-five short stories, and many blogs. He enjoys football and reading English authors. Traveling is a passion for him. He also writes articles on privacy for an Internet newsletter on

He is an avid and serious student of history. His favorite historical characters are Skooby Doo and Dr Who. Seriously, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the French and American Revolution interest him.

He teaches collegW

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