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POLITICAL BITES, No.21 - Burst Bubble

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What can anyone say about the election?

For months, the news media has blasted, cajoled, and bored the citizens to death about the Election 08. The average citizen has endured endless hours of talking heads, of lies, of innuendos, and of down right fabrication. Thankfully, the election is over.

So, who are the winners and the losers?

First of all, the losers are the average voter. Oh, they voted according to their constitutional rights and gave it their best shot. But the choices were, as usual, the two political parties who haven’t a lot to offer. The politicos can rest easy. The voters will go back to worrying about their jobs, their homes, and their families.

And who are the winners?

Well, the news media, for one, is the biggest winner. According to the London Times, October 23, 2008, almost six billion dollars was spent on the campaign. Most of the money went to media advertizing. Six billion dollars buys a lot of hot air.

At least, everyone now knows how much the White House and Washington cost. Heck, a trip into space in a Russian space capsule only costs $20 – 30 million, an absolute bargain. And that includes freeze dried gourmet meals.

Another winner is the politicos. Some politicians have lost jobs, some have gotten new jobs, but it doesn’t matter anyhow.. In fact, the real winners, behind the politicos, are the power brokers, the wealthy, the lobbyists, and the rich corporations. They always win, no matter who gets elected.

The newly elected people will vow change. They always say that. Keep in mind the country is broke. We owe everyone, including ourselves. The schools are broke. The infrastructure is broke. Everything needs fixing. The only thing the politicos accomplished in the last few years is a tax break for the wealthy.

Perhaps, the next few years will see movement toward fixing the problems. But remember, politicos only want power and money. To get that, they will throw some money at the problems and then say how wonderful everything is and that they are fixing the country. But to fix the problems will require a lot of blood, sweat, and tears and politicos always, always take the path of least resistance. They won’t do anything unless absolutely pushed to the limit.

Someone once said: “the more things change, the more they remain the same”.

There now the bubble has been burst.
Published: 2008-11-08
Author: Fred Westmark

About the author or the publisher
Fred W. is a freelance writer of six film scripts, three novels, twenty-five short stories, and many blogs. He enjoys football and reading English authors. Traveling is a passion for him. He also writes articles on privacy for an Internet newsletter on

He is an avid and serious student of history. His favorite historical characters are Skooby Doo and Dr Who. Seriously, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the French and American Revolution interest him.

He teaches collegW

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