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Politics without Public Interest

Politics, Public issues, Public interest

Elections in India are nothing less than political entertainment with Netas transforming into Abhinetas and vice versa. Political claims of forming government or influencing the formation to acquire power is the only agenda. Media though is helping out political education of people looks far away from real public issues of poverty, unemployment, urbanization, corruption in public life and economic development of the country.Its really paradoxical to assume democratic polity without purpose to serve people. The change in Indian polical thought is looking misdirected and meaningless reflecting the value system of the society.

Everyday there are political claims and personal blames without any sense of purpose. It is embarassing to see the highest form of political leadership indulging into such kind of pety politics.The opposition seems to be losing its status in a democratic set-up. The criterion on which the candidates are given tickets by political parties are caste and religion.Criminalization of politics and increasing political violence are the serious issues but money, muscle and power have become the order of the day.The declining voting percentage is the clear indication of increasing indifference and cynicism among the people of the country. There has been a proactive role of media in creating awareness about voting rights among people but despite that the people find it a compulsive behavior to choose from the available options.

The causes are not difficult to understand.The peoples' representatives are loosing their connection with people. The public issues have taken a back seat. The vested political interests have subsided the public interests. The political ethics and moral fabric is lost somewhere in the political ambitions of our political parties. The Constitutional obligations of welfare and development seem to have been undermined by the struggle for power. The time has come to contemplate on this political degradation and find effective ways to uplift the democratic traditions and values cutting across the party lines.
Published: 2009-05-05
Author: Nitesh Dhawan

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I'm a person with diversified range of interests.I have deep inclination towards creative writing.I have sound academic background with M.Phil in Social Work. I have also submitted doctorate thesis in the above subject.My published works include a book on Social Work Perspectives and Collection of poems with articles in journals.
My areas of interests are Human Behavior, Psychology, Social Sciences, Spiritualism and Self-Improvement.
My future goal include freelance writing on above areas.

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