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Portable Dog Kennel

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The word portable itself simplifies our understanding on the portable dog kennel. It has to do with moving the kennel around with ease. Kennel is for a dog to relax, it is dogs own home and some of the dogs are very particular about their living place like humans. But then there are always those types of kennels which can be moved easily. These kennels are made keeping one important factor in mind and that is space.

Things to consider when you are planning on buying a portable dog kennel as it could turn out to be an expensive venture. Therefore, when you are selecting a portable dog kennel, make sure you have an estimated idea about the space requirements. Even though space would matter depending upon the size of your dog, a medium sized kennel for a puppy can be purchased considering the length of the dog would not go beyond the kennel. Also think about some more genuine facts like the dog should be able to easily stand up, move around and lay down with comfort. Big sized dogs are always better off in the modular kennels.

Next thing that might bother many is the location where you would like to place the kennel. Most likely put the kennel outside the house as it would give dog the freedom to come out and move around in your own compound instead of jumbling up with household traffic.

Now, it’s time to select the material for the portable dog kennel. The most popular and common ones are made up of nylon, wire or plastic whereas others types are rattan or bamboo panels within the wired body. Material selection would also depend upon dogs genetic levels as some might be allergic to certain type of material. Therefore, understand the personality of the dog and then make a purchase. Buying the most expensive material like rattan might not be a good idea after all dog would love to smell and play with things they like and it might turn out be a waste of money if you find that your dog just chewed that costly material in front of your eyes, or hurt himself playing with wires. Therefore, don’t ignore cheap things as some times they work better than expensive ones. Don’t give priority to design over functionality.

Buying a portable dog kennel itself gives an indication that you will be moving around a lot in your car. Consider buying a nylon kennel which is easier to build and use. Wire kennels are also available but then nylons are more comfortable.

Finally we are ready to buy something that fits in our pocket. Try and analyze your dog’s needs and then buy something that you can afford as these kennels can turn out to be a pocket ripper sometimes. If you are only going to kennel train your dog, go with the nylon ones which are less expensive than the wired ones. Research around and buy the one that is good for you and your dog.

Published: 2007-04-11
Author: Rohit Maini

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