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Positive attitude: Return to original source of happiness,Keep acknowledging other,Mend your destiny

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Return to that original source of happiness

Ancient spiritual masters urge us to return back to original source of happiness. They simply mean that we must live in child like state.

It is hard to accept but when we are children we don’t have any hang-ups. Then we lovingly accept every state of mind. But as we grow up, we become attached to certain benchmarks of life e.g. wealth, status, worldly appreciation. If we don’t get them or lose them, we become morose.

Unlike us, children are quite capable to understand that, all things are meant for us but we don’t own them. This is why! We often long for our childhood and yearn for those childish pranks!

Keep acknowledging others!

We all undergo some kind of disagreements with our loving ones! Then as a remedial measure we take help of behavioral therapist or a mature person to sustain that relationship

All we receive is the same universal advice; acknowledge the presence of others in your life. We may wonder why we have to acknowledge presence of our loving ones when most of us deal with them daily!

Well! Here lies the problem we often refuse to accept those precious favors done by others in our life. We fail to recognize all those precious moments spent together
We also fail to give thanks for love and care shown by others.

Acknowledging others simply means, loving, accepting and sharing our precious moments with our loved ones and without expecting any thing in return. It may look easy but is difficult as well!

Mend Your Destiny!

This is one of most misunderstood word. Rationalists call it a gimmick, a ploy to play with emotions. Soothsayers define it as a life chart, but it is much more than simple definitions because someway or another, most of us accept its presence in our life

According to eastern school of thoughts Destiny means results of previous deeds .It takes into account endless journey of soul before it reaches that desire less state of mind. Destiny is based on law of karma (action) it teaches us, you reap that you sow

For believers, destiny is that hidden hand of our creator by which we realize momentary presence of human existence on this planet earth!
Published: 2007-04-17
Author: ashish dimri

About the author or the publisher
Ashish Dimri is an Indian Journalist.He holds a master degree in Mass -Comunication.
His articles has been appreciated in many literary forums.His niche is personality features,motivation

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