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Positive words are your best friend

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We all understand the worth of words. However, we hardly understand difference between positive and negative words.

Certain words can conjure up magical moments in your life.

Socrates was known to be beautiful but when ever he spoke all around him were mesmerized by beauty of his words.

Positive words motivate you, whereas negative words de-motivate you.
In simple words, words can break or make your life.

Positive words: Thanks, Sorry, Please, off course, definitely always create a positive ambience around you.

Thanks: Thank any one who does something good or constructive for you.
Thank all for sharing good experience.

Please: Please is nothing but a powerful way of making a request.
Off course: It acts as an assurance .It exudes confidence.

Definitely: It also acts as a positive influence on others.

Negative words: No, what, difficult, who cares, Never again.

No: Ever wonder, if we use No oft and gain then we are creating a negative influence on others.

What: It often shows that you are either unable to understand other or you do not understand others.

Difficult: We all know all things are not in our hands.

However, if we keep on using it in our conversation then we are making mole out of a molehill.

Who cares: It creates a sense of despair and amusement.

Never again: It shows our desperation.

Treat words as your magical wand.
Published: 2007-04-18
Author: ashish dimri

About the author or the publisher
Ashish Dimri is an Indian Journalist.He holds a master degree in Mass -Comunication.
His articles has been appreciated in many literary forums.His niche is personality features,motivation

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