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Possesive people...


The school bell rang. Finally a school day was over. As we stepped out of our classrooms we found ourselves under a dark cloudy sky. The sun was nowhere in the sky. In the north eastern areas when it rains……. it rains. I never carry umbrellas or raincoats so it’s quite obvious that the scene was not very pleasant for me. I just wanted to reach home before any drop of water touches the land.

We travel by the local bus service. It’s a good way of transportation. But rainy days are exception in every way. On such a day you find the buses extremely crowded with no space left for a single person to step in. most of the people standing in the bus stand went looking for other options. Few people were still expecting bus service. I was among those few people and so was my friend who was standing beside me. As we say god is great……so he is. We finally got a chance to step in a bus. But the sky was growing darker and darker now. It seemed it was evening already. The trees were dancing as the wind thrashed them to and fro. The bus was not moving fast as it grew stormier. I quickly closed the window pane as the view outside was not very pleasant.

At this point I saw the passengers. Some were worried, some panicked, some were calm and composed for whatever reasons may be. But only one passenger was really happy with the whole episode. That was my dear friend sitting next to me. On being enquired I realised she had got a new umbrella. It’s not just new; but an umbrella from Japan. So it was a foreign umbrella expecting its debut today. Well! The umbrella was really good. It was comfortable to hold, colourful, quite small when folded and easy to carry. With all its good qualities I really wished it remain folded all the while. But god surely was not listening to me. It started to rain. It was all white outside; absolutely white with lightening to add my awe. The bus had to halt for sometime. For next half-an-hour nothing changed. After that the rain slowed down. Now we could see outside but it was still raining quite well. In next fifteen hours we were at our bus stoppage.

My friend had the great opportunity to open her great umbrella. I opted to carry a cycle rickshaw. Although it was a walking distance, water logging is a bad problem you face after a good rain shower. I urged my friend to accompany me but she refused. She was happier with her umbrella. So I left her with it and moved on. I reached home late …….very late but safe and quite dry. Thanks to god.
That evening I received a call from my friend’s mother. I got to know my friend has met with a minor accident. I went to see if she was fine. Later I got to know she fell in a pit while walking in the water filled road. She twisted her leg, hurt her arm and to the top of it lost her umbrella too. She was in a bad mood to talk about. So I smartly avoided the talk.

Now, while brooding about the whole incident I realised that every one has stupid possessions. I remember my mother was possessive about her rose plants. It’s just some make stories with their possessive behaviour and some write them eagerly. I wonder if it is wrong anyways. However, I think we should behave stupid once in a while. That keeps us human and its really nice to be human after all!!!
Published: 2006-11-26
Author: Debarati Bhattacharyya

About the author or the publisher
I write because i know nothing better than this.i am here because i want to share my writing with everyone.....and i guess i am in the right place.

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