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Postmodernism is just like “ghost”. People can assume it as nothing or bullshits. But,at same time, people can see postmodernism as the nowadays really fact. People can say that postmodernism is the mode of comatose/dying intelectual or abortion before the birth. Whereas people can say that postmodernism is the new and just now discourse. The term of postmodernism is really contains very much definition, so every argumentation on postmodernism can be accepted.

The term of postmodernism can show the different definiton. postmodernism has the meaning as:

  • the genre/course in philosophy thought,

  • the transition of history

  • stricture/critique on modernism

  • Every definitions have certain logic consequences, although have connection each other. As the course in philosophy thought, postmodernism was designated by J.F.Lyotard’s opinion. Charles Jencks, Andreas Huysen, David Harvey, etc. see postmodernism as the transition from modernism. Here, much philosophers, like Habermas, Anthony Giddens, Ernest Gellner, have the crutial question about the things and time that experience that transition. But, if we see postmodernism as the critique on modernism principles, thus postmodernism embraces the vast content, genre, and personage. postmodernism becames a boundary for every sighs in certain dimensions.

    As the boundary, postmodernism can be seen as the vacant crock or as the crock for everything. But, postmodernism should be understood as “the the vacant hamper”, but it’s real. Postmodernism is seen as the vacant hamper (criteria) for some sighs:

  • the sigh to assume that every claim on “reality” (self-subject, history, God, culture, etc) as the artificial and politic construction

  • skeptic to every belief/”ism” on the objective substances

  • reality can be seized with numerous ways (pluralism)

  • conviction on autonomy and closed “system” is unrelevant and must be changed by dynamic “web”, “relationality”, or “process”

  • worldview that see everyting with “either-or” (binary oppotition) is unrelevant
  • respect to every faculties: emotion, imagination, intuition, spirituality, desire, etc

  • respect to “the otherness” that discredited by modernism: woman, local traditions, etc.

    Published: 2007-03-01
    Author: agustinus hartono

    About the author or the publisher
    Male, not married, fresh graduated in philosophy.I'm very interested in writing articles or books about philosophy or politic. On march of 2007, I publish my first book tittled "Skizoanalisis:Sebuah Genealogi Hasrat".In this book,i claim that the history based on ratio had produced an unconsciousness abnormality.Therefore,I invite you to live your life based on your desire to live the real life.nowadays,all of us can say that it's a new era of


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