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Power of Words


Word - simply the smallest part of a sentence can make or destroy our world. A person naively may utter something which may hurt someone or touch to the bottom of the listener’s heart. But minority of this world realizes the power of these words when used to build relationships.
We often see people around us in the state of misery.

However it is true that the misery faced by one seems to be the most painful. Now irrespective of the causes of this misery, the human nature requires the immediate consolation to the attacks which it receives from this pain. Here is where, mere use of words said by the close-ones may be a wife, husband, son, daughter, mother, father or even a friend can play the magic of relief or purgation.

These magical words may not be more than just, “ God has some better plans for you” or “ This is just a phase of life which will pass-by like other phases” or may be that, “ It was just to make you more powerful in this struggle of life” etc.

These words surely motivate a suffering human to fight against the odds of his life courageously. One should not forget that relationships are not meant for the namesake only but are created to be nurtured and loved like a shell protects the pearl giving it a gleam till it becomes recognized in the whole world. In the similar manner a relationship should be polished with the beauty of words uttered at the time of need to give it a special and appreciable look.

Published: 2008-12-31
Author: Sonam Chawla

About the author or the publisher
I am a keen writer who loves to think and express through writing.I believe that writing is the mouthpiece of the unsaid mind and thus can create miracles in the life of writer as well as reader.

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