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Power Of Mind



You are the most wonderful person. You are god's special gift to

the world. This is the ultimate truth. Yet how many of us believe in


The answer is not a single person. The habit of self-negation has

been inculcated in us since our childhood. Our parents, uncles, aunts, t

eachers, brothers and sisters and our friends, unknowingly,

indoctrinated us in the habit.

"Tracy's room is always neat and tidy than yours"

"Tom's grades are all the time better than yours."

"Eliza is so beautiful."

"Unlike you, Cathy knows how to talk."

All of us are familiar with these sentences. With some variation,

all of us have heard these.

In all these, there was an indirect suggestion that we are

less smart. "There is always someone better than us and how much ever

we try, we can never be like that person," was perpetually implanted in

our minds. These suggestions were beginning. It was the beginning of

our starting to underestimate ourselves.

Nobody told us that we have certain good qualities. I am

confident that each of us has a remarkable quality, which makes us

special. That quality was never appreciated. Instead one mistake from

us, there are ten people who passed a judgment that we can never do

anything right. When we heard that over ten times, we started believing

it. We began believing that we would never be able to perform well in

life. With this belief, we started putting limit on our abilities.

Our mind continually tried to bring out our best qualities.

Our mind constantly struggled to tell us that we have unlimited

strength. It attempted to make us aware that we are smarter than all

Tracys, Toms, and Elizas. But the voice which said," No, you will never

make it" was too strong and loud.

Stop thinking for a while. Remove all the clutter of

thoughts. In fact just for five minutes make your mind "thoughtless".

Cease thinking about colleagues, about household problems, about kids.

For a few seconds, close your eyes and concentrate. You will realize

that you are a very strong person capable of performing great tasks.

You will feel a new surge of strength and energy.

If you want to feel this strength, this energy then you have

to unlearn lots of old habits. The first and foremost is that you have

to do is accept yourself as you are. This will bring a great change in

your life. Half the time you spent hating your own self. It's about

time that you gave up doing that.

Accept that you are a human being and if you make mistake,

it's acceptable. It's human to err. Learn to forgive yourself. If you

happen to make mistake, it does not mean that you will never ever

succeed. Look a t a child learning to walk. That child falls down, gets

hurt, cries but never gives up learning to walk. Don't get daunted by a

failure. We have to take a step backward to take a leap forward. So

never ever give up trying. Strive so much for success that ultimately

success becomes a habit.

Our mind has tremendous power. Feel it. Tell yourself hundred

times that you have the ability and you will be amazed to find how

powerful you are. Stop all negative suggestions and start life all over

again with a positive attitude.
Published: 2006-05-25
Author: Sanyukta Chitnis

About the author or the publisher
Sanyukta Chitnis is a freelance writer. She can be contacted at

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