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Power Pray: The Commercial

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Power Pray: The Commercial

Why the commercial? Simple. This is really a commercial promo, a marketing gimmick to sell the concept of Power Pray as an effective way of getting God’s answer to our prayer, as a potent weapon against the devil, as a solution to problems, as a medicine for all sickness and pains and a lot of other good things in life. This commercial will also help us what, how and when to use the twelve (12) basic ways to Power Pray appropriately. Thus, there will be frequent references to the article “Twelve (12) Ways To Power Pray”. It would be highly advisable to read this article. On the other hand, reading the other articles on Power Pray will give a good grasp of what is Power Pray, its unique difference from the other forms of prayers and its striking similarities with other aspects of life.

For practical purposes and easy comprehension, the sales pitch used is the question and answer style, FAQs and mostly NFAQs (Not Frequently Asked Questions).

Let’s start our commercial with this real life situation. You’re down, you’re hit by a solid left hook of your opponent; the referee is counting, you hear it faintly, --- one, two, three, four --- you shake your head to clear your fuzzy head, the count continues --- five, six --- you try to stand up but your knees are weak, you fell down again --- seven --- one more count and your out; you have to get up at the count of eight, but you have no strength, and even if you could get up, you lack stamina to stay in the ring, but more than this, you need power, a power punch to win the bout. Yes you need strength, stamina and power.

Q: How? What do you do?

A: Simple! Before the count of eight, pray --- pray to the Lord! However, in this kind of a situation where defeat is staring right there in your face, you need a special kind of prayer, an extra-ordinary prayer. You need Power Pray!

Q: What is Power Pray?

A: It’s a unique and upbeat communication technology in the art and science of praying and talking to God. There are two articles that fully describe this technology. Briefly, but concisely, it’s similar to any or combination of the following:
• Power punch in boxing that knocks out cold an opponent
• Power play in basketball, tennis and other ball games that completely overwhelms the opponents
• Power point in computer technology that produces the desired results by a click of the button
Moreover, Power Pray has the incomparable properties and attributes of light; it travels the speed of light, nay, even faster, much faster. In Matthew 6:8, Jesus said “Your Father knows what you need even before you ask Him.” Need more proof? Isaiah 65:24 says, “Before they call, I will answer, while they are yet speaking, I will hearken to them.” Like light, it can pass through polluted air and dirty water and pierce through steel wall yet remains unadulterated, undiluted and undiminished in purity, radiance and power.

Q: What kind of Power Pray would be most appropriate in the kind of a situation described above?

A: Power Pray No. 9. Ask God’s intervention, pray for miracle. Be careful though, how you ask for God to intervene. Don’t make a mistake of asking God to knock out your opponent. Ask God to give you enough strength to stand up before the count of eight and a second wind, so you can have the stamina to go on, and the opening or good breaks to deliver your killer punch to your opponent. Remember, miracle is a partnership effort with God. To strengthen your prayer for a miracle, add in a bit of Power Pray No. 6, pray the Word of God, claim it and use it. You can further enhance your plea if you put in also a variant of Power Pray No. 11, i.e., pray “ex-deal”; offer God something in exchange as Hannah, the mother of Samuel did (read 1st book of Samuel, Chapter 1).

Q: What would be examples of a good ex-deal?

A: Well,` think of something that you know God would be pleased to received from you. Perhaps you have been holding on to something that God likes you to give up or offer to Him; or He may have been calling you to serve him. Be creative.

Q: In “The Twelve Ways to Power Pray”, it is advised (Power Pray No. 1) that the best way to talk and listen to God is to have regular quiet time with the Lord, and Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:6 that, when we pray to go to our inner room, close the door, and pray to our Father in secret. What do these highlighted words really mean?

A: “Inner room” means your inner being, your inmost recess of your heart; “close the door” means to close our attention and mind to the things around us; forget our concern, anxieties, problems, sickness; forget that even the other members of our families exist; just focus on the Lord and feel His presence; pray to our Father “in secret,” means to talk to the Lord unashamedly, to bare everything to Him without inhibition, heart to heart. He knows everything anyway, but He wants to hear everything from His children’s mouth. “In secret would also mean not to tell anyone what you ask Him, not even members of the family. This is because some members of your family may have negative spirits, may lack faith in the Word of God. Negative attitudes and lack of faith often times are solid barriers to prayer. Pray from the heart (inner room), forget everything (close the door), in confidence (in secret) to the Father. “And the Father who sees in secret will repay [us]!” What assurance more do we need?

Q: Is it necessary that the quiet time should be observed on a fixed time and in a permanent private room or place?

A: Yes, if you can. It is of great advantage if you can have permanent private place (better if enclosed) in your house. The place should be dedicated and consecrated for the Lord and no other activities should take place to desecrate it. You can really feel the presence of the Lord. This will also serve as prayer room for all the members of the family. The advantage of a private enclosed room is that you cannot be distracted and you can do what you want to praise and worship the Lord; you can dance, sing, shout, pray and talk audibly to the Lord freely. Take note, however, that the place is not important, what is needed is that you have quiet time with the Lord. It could be any place in your house if you don’t have the luxury of ample space or extra room in your house. By the way, you can ask the Lord, Yahweh Yireh, to provide you this private holy place in your house (Philippians 4:19).

Q: Suppose I am outside the house, say in office, or in the community center, in school campus, in the mall, and I suddenly get the urge to talk to the Lord, or I feel sort of being prompted by the Holy Spirit, do I have to wait until I get home?

A: If you feel the urge to talk to God, any place where you can have a few moments of privacy will do. You don’t have to wait to go home or wait for your designated quiet time to talk to God. Don’t let that prompting pass; yield to the Holy Spirit. You should not suppress the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Even in transit, say riding in a passenger jeep or bus and you feel the prompting of the Holy Spirit, yield and say silently, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening.” Some members of our Community were saved from robbery while riding a passenger jeep when they sensed that the Holy Spirit was telling them to get out of the vehicle. True enough, shortly after alighting, there was a commotion inside the jeep and several men dashed out running in different directions. On the other hand, a couple from our Community ignored the prompting of the Holy Spirit to immediately get out of the bus. The wife was whispering to her husband that she was receiving signals from the Holy Spirit, but the husband was stubborn and did not listen to his wife. They became the victims of a robbery hold up in transit. They lost everything except their clothes.

Q: I have been praying unceasingly to the Lord to help me get a job in the middle east, preferably, Dubai, but its been two years now and still I have no placement yet. Why does God not answer my prayer? What’s wrong with my prayer?

A: There’s nothing wrong with your prayer. Like you, everybody else wants to go to Saudi, Dubai, even Iraq, to have a high paying job. Why don’t you try any or combination of Power Pray No. 5 (join Christian community prayer meetings), Power Pray No. 6 (claimed the Word of God), Power Pray No. 7 (“faith picture”), Power Pray No. 11 (be creative, offer ex-deal). If you have been doing these and still your desire to go to Dubai is not answered, take a second look at your prayer. Maybe it’s the object of your prayer that has a problem. Do you really want to go to the Middle East, Dubai preferably, or do you want a good paying job, regardless of location. There’s a lot of difference between them. Maybe God has already answered your prayer. Think again, were there many job opportunities that came your way? Have you given attention to the various job fairs being conducted left and right by the government and private organizations? As mentioned earlier, and in the “Twelve Ways To Power Pray”, when God intervenes a miracle happens, but a miracle is a partnership affair with God. Look around, maybe God has already done His part, it’s your turn to do your part. Maybe you’re too focused on your desire to go to Dubai instead of landing a good job. On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with your desire to go to Dubai for a job. Maybe the Lord is telling you, “I have heard your prayer, but wait, “For I know well the plans I have in mind for you, plans for your welfare, not for woe! Plans to give you a future full of hope” (Jeremiah 29:11).

Q: Are there other ways I can do to convince God to give me the desire of my heart?

(Stubborn heart! But in fairness to you, Jesus is also pleased and amazed by stubborn heart; remember the Canaanite woman and Jesus in Matthew15:21-28.)

A: Put some spices to your Power Pray. Add “Soul Mate” to your Power Pray No. 5, (Pray Corporate). Ask somebody to be your soul mate, somebody who will pray with you. Take note, pray with you, not pray for you. You and your soul mate should set a fixed time and duration to pray together everyday. Now let’s add more power to it, let’s be creative, innovative. You can tell your soul mate not to make it “scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” affair. That is, your soul mate shall pray with you everyday at the designated time and duration agreed by both of you; however, you are not to say her/his prayer in return. Your soul mate has to look for her/his own soul mate to pray with her/him. The beauty of this soul mate in prayer seasoning is that though you are physically miles apart in location, you are together in time. This is an extended application of God’s promise that when two or three are gathered in His name, He is in their midst (Matthew 18:19-20). Pray this Word of God, claim it. Then wait for God’s answer. It will surely come, God does not delay His promise. “God is not bound by time. God works in His time and His time is always the appropriate time.” Ecclessiastes 3:11.

Q: How do I know that God has answered my prayer?

A: There are many ways.

1. In your quiet time or deep prayer He may directly talk to you. You will hear a soft tiny voice answering you. You will not hear it through your ears but you will hear it through your heart. The thing is that His direct answer usually comes in a very short phrase, but complete. It could be just one or two words, “Yes”, “No”, or “Go”, “Don’t go”. One time I had problem in my Economics class; I failed all my periodic and prelim exams. So I was planning to drop the subject; however, I would lose my government scholarship support and I would have to reimburse what had already been paid --- tuition, allowances, books, etc. So I decided to go private with the Lord in our Parish and when I asked if I had to go on with my class, I heard a distinct soft “Yes”. I trusted the “Voice”; I took the final exam. I passed! In another occasion, I was asking for the help of the Lord for the construction of my house. I was alone in the prayer room of our Community. I heard in my heart a soft voice, “November”, just this one word. I asked if it’s the same year, I heard no more. I took His word in complete confidence that it will happen and it did happen. Three years after that sweet voice came into my heart, in the month of November, I and my family (with our pet dogs) moved to a new house of our own.
2. Open or cut the Bible and look for the word of God (verses) that strikes you. If you don’t receive a direct reply, don’t force the issue. Remember, the answer should come to your heart, not to your ears, and never to your brain, otherwise what you hear may just be what you want to hear. You will know the true voice of the God if it comes to your heart, soft but firm and clear, brief but complete and sharp. Once you have identified the verse that strikes you as the message of God, write it down, then meditate or reflect on it. The problem with this “cutting the Bible” is that you may get a verse that is not in accord with your desire, thus you ignore it or refuse to accept it. For, example a member of our Community who intensely wanted to go to Saudi, had cut the Bible on the verse, “Do not go to Egypt” several times in her quiet time. She consulted our Elder, Sis. Techie, for an insight. She refused to accept the advice of Sis. Techie not to pursue her desire, rationalizing that she was not going to Egypt but to Saudi. Sis. Techie was telling her that the word Egypt in the verse means a hostile country or anything that would forebode disaster, danger, perils and other undesirable events. She proceeded to Saudi. After several months she came back crying and remorseful for not listening to our Elder. She had a miserable life in Saudi, not to mention the fact that she had to repay the money she spent.
3. Be attentive, be observant. Take a serious assessment of the situation. Ask yourself, why does God take a long time to answer my prayer? Be sensitive to what is happening. Maybe the answer is right there before you. It may come in the form of an ad in the newspaper, radio, television, in the bulletin board, in the internet, message from friends/relatives. God may have been telling you look at the job ads, one or some of them may be suited to your qualifications, and offering competitive salaries and good career opportunities, or take note of the information or communication of some friends for a possible work opportunity.
4. In the community prayer meeting or fellowship, a worship leader or preacher may have been prophesying some messages that has direct relation to your prayer. If you feel them as messages to you, go to the Elder of the Community or some mature members to confirm your intuition. In another case a member of the community may approach you and say, “sister/brother I have a message for you from he Lord (or the Holy Spirit). Again it is best to consult the Elder or mature members to confirm or discern if it is really a divine message.

There are other FAQs, and I’m sure many NFAQs not covered by this
writing. There are books and other similar articles that deal on these matters. Suffice it to say, that at this point, this article has substantially fulfilled its sales goal to promote the acceptability of Power Pray as a potent means to pray, talk and listen to God.

“Call to me and I will answer you and I will tell you things
beyond reach of your knowledge.”

Take the challenge, call Him now. Dial Jeremiah33:3, your hotline to the Lord.

To God be the highest glory!
Published: 2006-06-21
Author: Apolo Jucaban

About the author or the publisher
Filipino, male, married,2 children, two grandsons.Education: A.B. English,in Literature; B.S. Geology; Master in Environmental Planning all taken from the University of the Phillipines post-graduate in Groundwater Development, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.
Profession: More than 15 years in the government as project manager/director; about 25 years in as consultant,local & foreign assignments. Have various unpublished & published papers, technical reports, seminar papers.

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