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Practical exam day

Exam tension,apprehension,joy

A butterfly in stomach, roaming here and there in apprehension for gathering questions asked to the interviewed classmates in practical exam was a memorable moment of my life.

It was 26th February, last day of exam for our first semester examination of mass communication post graduation course. After reaching college at 10.a.m, I jumped in the group of my class friends discussing on the topic “How would be a practical exam”.

Since it was the first practical exam, none of the student had any idea of the questions that would be put forward in practical. Some told that it would be in form of an interview; therefore remember dos and don’ts of facing an interview. Apprehension could be seen on the faces of the students who could not perform well in written exams and desperately wanting to perform well in orals.

As the time for practical was pacing up tension was at its peak. Waiting room was allotted to the students according to their courses. Announcement was made to go as per the turn comes in alphabetical order and only after the buzz ringed by the interviewers.

No sooner did the announcer left, the waiting room turned out to be a fish market with lots of noise, hustle and bustle. It seemed everyone was quite for years. Practical was to be conducted by our mass communication, journalism, photography teachers Mr. Bharti, Mr. Dr. Kapoor and Ms kavita respectively.

According to the alphabetical order Abhishek, my classmate was the first to face the practical. After his departure everyone started making noise expecting the questions that would be asked to him. When he returned after being interviewed there was unanimous question by the class to him “what was asked”. He replied humorously “oh no! One more interview”.

Abhishek lighted up the moment by telling the questions asked to him and added “chill out, it’s very simple”. Every member of the class was sharing questions and answers and also helping out one another. One by one student went for the practical as per their turn.

Soon the tension and apprehension was lost in that joyous environment of the class. Everyone was giggling, laughing, singing songs and waiting for their turn to come. It could hardly seem that there was any practical exam. All wells that end well, I ended having good practical. At last, all I can say “Can I have one more practical day?”

Published: 2007-02-27
Author: meenakshi

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