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Practical Ways to Manage Time

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The issue of time management is different for each person. Here are some practical suggestions on how to manage your time effectively. Make a list of all the things you need to do/want to do. Each week try to put the items from your list into the following categories:

[Urgent - definite time limit]
Tasks or actions that take precedence over everything else, because if they are not done it will cause further problems. Examples are tax returns which are due, reports for work, meetings or appointments, repairs, health issues and activities to which you have committed yourself within a certain time frame.

[Important - no definite time frame]
These are often actions with no particular time limit. However if you do not do them they will probably not get done. Examples are a special course you want to do, spending more quality time with the family, writing that book, overdue medical checkup or that project/hobby you started but never seem to have time for.

[Efficiency - managing your time]
These are things that need to be done for you to operate in an efficient way. Examples are organizing your files, getting rid of clutter, cleaning, exercise and time for relaxation.

No sports coach would send a team out onto the field without a game plan. A schedule for time management is like a game plan. If you have no plan, other people's actions will probably determine your priorities. The most productive use of time comes from planning ahead and trying to stick to the plan.

To begin with, your goal could be to do all the urgent tasks, one important task and one task that will add to your efficiency for each week. After a month you will have learnt a practical method for using your time wisely.
Published: 2009-02-02
Author: Veronica Hankey

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