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Prasanthi thoughts

pangs of hunger

Empty stomach! pangs of hunger
roofless hearth, lean body sans clothes

Where muscles be
Protruding bones are dressed by skinny-bones
Where flesh be
caves have dug down to bones
Devoid of health
hearth and mind, social cripple they are

Do they need an ism, promises of heaven or a mystical God?
Cripples do not need crutches, but stretchers
not homes or store houses of grains
What they need, are mortuaries and barren lands!
to nourish them with(their) bones
to produce more for the have all
Vultures would not nibble them, hunger has done their job!
would they now need religions
to salvage their souls!
They are gone, gone with them are their miseries!
Pot bellies make merry by
wearing solemn masks
They sit in mourning, make speeches, dine, wine, sermonize!
patting the pot bellies, they leave
Religion they have preached, happily they depart.

Published: 2006-08-06
Author: rajinder bibra

About the author or the publisher
The author has been writing in English and his mother tongue Punjabi for the last over eighteen years. In the process he has published fifteen books, six in English and nine in Punjabi. His writings primarily focus on philosophy and spiritual quest with a scientific treatment. His eight novels and one anthology of short stories in Punjabi have been highly acclaimed by littérateurs. His writing got him public recognition in the field of literature.

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