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Prasanthi thoughts

in poverty blossoms morality

Why would poor, need religion, to put right, their moral!
Why would dying, need God, to evade fear of hell!

Heaven ‘n’ hell are the ingenious promise
pot bellies invention
Recklessly enjoying every fruit
produced in Eden’s garden
But forbidden for society outcastes
--social cripples they are

In all this foul play, destiny hands out a fair play
Pot bellies are inflicted with immorality
finer sensitivities –a boon for have-not
Both are fated to play, reversal fluctuating parts

Those who dwell in places, poor they are in morals
others who lack in comforts, morally rich they are
Ones who need the masters, to unshackle their selves
Attached they are, to the masts of sinful boats

In dire need they are, negative tendencies chained them tight
Real poor they are, celestial Master--- they can’t afford.
Published: 2006-08-15
Author: rajinder bibra

About the author or the publisher
The author has been writing in English and his mother tongue Punjabi for the last over eighteen years. In the process he has published fifteen books, six in English and nine in Punjabi. His writings primarily focus on philosophy and spiritual quest with a scientific treatment. His eight novels and one anthology of short stories in Punjabi have been highly acclaimed by littérateurs. His writing got him public recognition in the field of literature.

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