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It is not even six months since the government budget was read by the former minister for finance Hon .Amos Kimunya but the prices of things have fluctuated to high from what the minister had put to be the right prices of this things here in kericho town. Some of the prices have gone up by up to between three and five shillings. The change in the prices of this things has touched the most essential commodities in the home .The people have nowhere to go to complain about this and so they keep quiet with it .This is happening here in the town of kericho.

The causes of the fluctuations in the prices of things is not well known to most of us but

We just find the prices of this things changed from where we left them the previous evening and the shop keepers do not any further explanations than the words ,”The prices have been raised the wholesalers .“The price of a half a loaf of bread costs nineteen shillings in the low class estates and the smallest unit of maize flour on shelves costs Up to twenty five shillings instead of twenty shillings, that is in the town center .That is just according the little that we could remember when we were writing this story, other wise there have been complaints from both the shop keepers and their customers that many more other items on the shops shelves have had the prices raised.

Some people have been heard complaining about this situation .They said that they wanted a budget that when it has been read the prices should remain there in place until after the expiry of the period when another budget will be read .But the way the current budget works really angers many people. You buy a thing in the morning at a different price from the other evening and in the afternoon you find the price gone on to another level and without any reports from the authorities.
Published: 2008-09-20
Author: john ambuli

About the author or the publisher
I'm a Kenyan .I'm thirty nine years old and i read up to the O level in my country and i do freelance news reporting at the Kenya news agency offices in Kericho kenya.

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