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In the sixties, the FBI routinely spied on individuals and groups who, in the opinion of the government, disagreed with and opposed government policies. The HUAC, The House UnAmerican Activities Committee, conducted witch hunts against anyone who was a dissident or suspected of anti-government activities.

Watergate caused a change in policies about spying. The laws changed and the governement spent its vast resources on the spotted owl. When the Teleban attacked the World Trade Center, the knee jerk reaction of the government was to reinstate the old policies and added new more Draconian measures for watching citizens.

The Washington Times reports on October 24, 2008, that, not only is the FBI spying on citizens, but the Maryland State Police are also spying. And who are these terrible groups who pose a threat to national security?

The Quakers!

It seems the Quakers are opposed to the death penalty, and because they protest againt it, they are considered dangerous and a threat. My goodness. Anyone who knows anything about Quakers knows they are peace-loving, God-fearing, pleasant people. So any citizen or citizen group opposed to the death penalty will be subject to government spying.

Also, the London Times, on the same day, October 24, 2008, reports that a city council in Lincolnshire is training plumbers and electricians to spy on the people in the homes they enter to perform repair work.

The plumbers and electricians are being trained to identify any type or kind of child abuse in homes. So while the home owner is watching the repair man/woman to make sure they do a proper job, the repair man/woman is watching the homeowner and checking for abuse.

How Orwellian can this get? Next there will be CCTV (close circuit TV) in loos to make certain the occupant does a proper job of it!
Published: 2008-10-31
Author: Fred Westmark

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Fred W. is a freelance writer of six film scripts, three novels, twenty-five short stories, and many blogs. He enjoys football and reading English authors. Traveling is a passion for him. He also writes articles on privacy for an Internet newsletter on

He is an avid and serious student of history. His favorite historical characters are Skooby Doo and Dr Who. Seriously, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the French and American Revolution interest him.

He teaches collegW

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