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The council last year announced the privatization of its toilet services to the public .The reason for this move was not told to the public but it is expected that it was intended to bettering the services.

However ,some of us are against the move .the councils services to the public should not at any costs be privatized .By privatizing, it means that the people will have to pay another cent extra on to the taxes that they pay at market places and the other places of work.

The privatization of this kind of services and the others like water is not as good as they expect it to be .This kind of services in this country ought to be provided free of charge by the government so that we could provide them even for the poorest Kenyan who can not afford even their daily bread leave alone paying for the toilet services .Kenya is developing fast and things like water and the toilet, the government has to bear and provide them to its people free of charge because life can’ go on without them .They are the most basic necessities of life yet we want to be selling them .Water and the others services of this kind needn’t be sold or even at least if there could be some way of commercialising this services ,but those ones of the municipal council or the city commission shouldn’t be commercialised .Our government will have to take care of us .AS good example is the water tap at the Kericho municipal market . The water tap in the municipal market is always locked.

Things like people helping themselves under the flowers in the town are things that we should have forgotten about long ago ,but if the staff at the town hall continue doing this ,the small people will have no choice apart from doing this .The municipalities and the city commissions that take care of this services in this country should provide this services free as part of the development steps and not to claim that we are developed when they overload the weakest classes of its people with taxes and other sorts of burdens Instead of privatizing this services ,They staff at the town hall should go on with previous plans of work. They should employ one or two cleaners at each toilet or water tap or any other points of the other services and the they should be reporting to work at eight o’clock and staying their up to four or five o’clock in the evening always for the seven days of the week .This will help solve to the problems instead of charging us another a hundred shillings daily for helping our selves in the toilets.

Previously, the cleaners used to go to their places of work ones, that is very early in the morning and then they would leave and not be seen there until the following day or sometimes until the several days later .That mode of work wasn’t effective enough to maintain Cleanliness and hygiene generally in those places .That is why we are asking the staff at town hall to think twice about the above idea and see if it could benefit the public in general. Each and every public facility should have at least one person to take care of it and make sure that the services are always available punctually to the public and to help us to catch up with the latest trends of development in this world and even to increase the pace of the development of our beloved country

Otherwise, if the council is to privatize its services to the public, then the council will have to be paying the contractors as part of their services to the public and not to put the burden on to the peoples heads .A twenty litter jerry can of water costs five shillings in the town, a ten litter jerry can costs two shillings and five litres and below, cost one shilling.

Whatever the case might be, but privatizing the councils services to the public or charging extra money than the much that we pay at our places of work is very bad .It is no better than the other evils that we know about. Let our government provide us with what we can not get single handed .Privatization of this services is wrong.

For some of us ,Development in those spheres of life shouldn’t mean a rise in the amount of taxes or things the head towards that direction ,Development means being able to provide this services to the people of this country .Even feeding them daily if it is possible and not for the government it self to become a burden on to the heads of Kenyans .Who will save who if the people can not even contribute to the countries revenue and then you still want them to buy the lavatory services ,the water ,paying for the roads and paths and perhaps even the shades of the trees in public parks i.e. like the Moi gardens and Uhuru gardens in Kericho town and the uhuru park in Nairobi and so on.

Our government ought to be fighting to get rid of poverty that way ,towards that direction .Law-Courts services police and other security and law services in the country water education and so on , ought to be available freely for us .It has to be understood that continuing to tax the lowest classes of people in the country who are the main consumers of this services heavily is a shame in this civilized and developed world .If our leaders can not get the point ,we are going to put it in a more simple way ,and that is to say that man , the whole world has been trying to find foe a solution to his own problems ,poverty being among the top on the list and the above steps are supposed to be among the steps towards achieving this targets or perhaps ,they could even be the solutions to this problems .I thought that was one of the functions of the Government ,or was it he opposite i.e. like what the Municipal council of Kericho plans to do ?

It looks like the entire staff at the town hall can not know what is wanted of them .May I bring to their attention that when the recent political changes came to our country ,we expected greater things than what they are doing .But to everyone’s dismay ,they have continued to dwell on sanitation ,perhaps with a nursery school and a few more services .May they know that we need more than just sanitation .We need even houses ,free if possible, transport around the town and other social services all free .
Published: 2008-09-06
Author: john ambuli

About the author or the publisher
I'm a Kenyan .I'm thirty nine years old and i read up to the O level in my country and i do freelance news reporting at the Kenya news agency offices in Kericho kenya.

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