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Prophets and philosophers


Moses,prototype of the prophet,of fered no mere blueprint of the future,but the commandments og God to his people.In so doing,he established the best of obedience to god as a way to give purpose to man,s life.The ten Commandments thus made obedience the mark of the true believer.Millennia later,this idea would become the very heart of Islam,a term derived from the arabic word for submission to God's will.The commanding voice of God through His prophets provided a cear direction for man and society.

The special problem of the seeker in the age of prophets was revealed in the celebrated life of job.And the job syndrome would carry a warning for all over confident seekers to come.The story of jobs is a parable of how man makes his own problem in his search for purpose.The book of job,a poem in dialoque,is one of the profoundest compositions in the Hebrew canon.This familiar story became the classic epic of human suffering-and the suffering of the innocent.For job was a virtuous man,and prosperous,and a faithful worshipper of his God.

He enjoyed the reward of virtue in the form of a rich farm,a beautiful family and the respect of his desire for earthly reward.Satan urged God to best job's faith.If God took away everything from job,Satan insisted,job would curse God to his face.
Published: 2009-05-16
Author: Daniel J.Boorstin

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