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Wise wananchi caused a scene at the recently reopened Kericho municipal bus park when they stood at the parks outlet and demanded to have the staff from the town hall who the matters that concerned the park fell under his powers to come and listen to their grievances .

The people complained that since the bus park which was closed for renovations about four years ago ,was opened ,the taxi drivers had suddenly acquired strange and new habits in the town .the habits that were fought by everyone in this country and were gotten rid of many years ago had suddenly come back. The conductors and drivers had suddenly started treating the passengers according to what their souls wanted and not according the passengers needs .

They had started bulldozing travelers and throwing them any where in the town not minding about whether they had luggage or not or their age or whatever conditions that they were in .They dropped travelers at the caltex petrol station or anywhere in the middle of the town then drove away to different destinations from the main bus park in the town .The travelers then have to walk all the way from those places up to the bus park.

When it looked like this thing was creeping back in to the lives of the people of this town and its environs ,the wise people among them then decided to take a step about it ,and on this particular date ,they refused to walk away until when one of the staff members from town hall came to listen to what they had to say .They argued with the bus park staff until the great Zollo who is the wards councilor had to come and listen to what the people hade to say .

When he arrived ,the one who spoke on behalf of the others said that they wanted the council to come to their help and stop this long erased habits from crawling back in to their lives and they did prove it to him that they didn’t really want to live like that because every time when everyone of them left his or her house to go on a journey ,he or she knew where she was going and she knew how to move about in search of the right vehicle .But the gentlemen who ran things on the public transport vehicles in the town were almost going back to the old ways of pulling travelers by force .One goes the other way with your luggage and then the other one goes the opposite direction .The people of kericho really hate this and they proved it by calling the councilor to come from the town hall up to the bus park just to listen to them.

Secondly, the spokesman of the people complained that those who were in charge of the bus park were now mistreating the people in the toilets .They wanted the council staff to stop harassing the people when they wanted to use the lavatory. They wanted the council to employ four people ,two ladies and two men to be reporting at their place of work in the mourning and spend the whole day there until in the evening when everyone closed his or her office .They said that this would improve the cleanliness of the places and hygiene in the bus park generally .They said that the councils security men were too harsh on them and they wanted it that way with a bucket of water for pouring the water for cleaning the place just in case some one had an accident in the course of helping themselves in the lavatory and not dictatorship in that matter.

The councilor reported at the place in his Mercedes Benz limousine called the Darfur. He listened to them attentively and promised to look in to the matter and the other services of the council In the bus park and around the entire area that is under the council.
Published: 2008-09-20
Author: john ambuli

About the author or the publisher
I'm a Kenyan .I'm thirty nine years old and i read up to the O level in my country and i do freelance news reporting at the Kenya news agency offices in Kericho kenya.

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