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Quick and Easy Tips To Help Your Loved One Transition Back Into Society

transition back into society

I am sure all of us have been through a point in our lives where someone needed our help. Yes, we have also been on the receiving end sometimes. Once the help needed is provided, your loved one too will transition back into society. He is like a little child. You need to hold his hand to get him back to socialize.

There are a few quick and easy tips you can use to help your loved one transition back into society.

Focus: This is the most important step. You need to make your loved one understand the fact that all he needs now is a simple shift in focus. What you focus on becomes your world. Hence you need to assist him by focusing all his attention towards the future. He needs to focus on good things in his life. Once he does that, his entire perspective will change.

Let Go: He need to let go. Explain to him that holding onto the past, results in more pain. You need to make them realize that the thoughts of the past are simply slowing him down. Its time to move ahead. He needs to look at the situation from a detached point of view. This will give him a broad based perspective.

Be Grateful: Tell him, show him or convey to him that he needs to be grateful for what he already has. Explain to your loved one that by being grateful he is thanking God for giving him so much happiness. This in turn will lead to more happiness and more things to be grateful for.

Insert Fun: Consciously insert fun into his. Show him funny movies, funny sitcoms. Ensure that you are sitting with him while he does it. It is said that laughter is the best medicine. You can also take him to funny plays. The more he laughs, the sooner he will forget the cause of sadness.

Activity: It is commonly observed that depressed or sad people prefer staying alone. This can be very dangerous as this will lead to more depression. When a person is alone with his thoughts, he thinks more of negative thoughts. Get them to socialize, introduce them to other people. Man is a social animal. Take him whenever you have the time. A change in environment will certainly make a huge difference.

Find Out What He Likes: You can speak to his relatives and other friends. Try to get some information on what he likes. Find out if there is any particular activity which he likes, any place he likes to go. Once you find out what he likes, try to do more of that.

Make Him Feel Valued: Tell him continuously how good a person he is. Remind him of his past achievements. This must be done as many times as possible. Tell him about his virtues. Remind him of events where he took charge of things. Once he remembered it, he can replicate the same feeling now.

Surprise Him!: Surprise him when he least expects it! Then he will realize that there is more to life than what he thinks about. Once you have an idea of his likes and dislikes, you can then surprise him with a gift or flowers.

Love Him And Express It: Often we fail to express our love because we take it for granted. Each and every day, tell him how much you love him. Tell him how much he means to you. Every person wants to be loved. He will feel special and elevated.

Meditation: You can also get him to meditate. Meditation calms the mind and his thought frequency will be lowered.

Suggestive Behavior: Advise him what to do if a situation like this (the one which put him into depression in the first place) arises. If he is better prepared to handle it, the pain or hurt will be lesser.

You can easily help your loved one transition back into society with the help of the above tips. It is not very difficult to do with good help.
Published: 2009-05-29
Author: Suzan M

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