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Rachael's Lamentation-Birth of Christ: Old Testament Reflection of King Solomon and Jeroboam crises

King Solomon, Jeroboam, religions crisis

King David instructed King Solomon to kill all his enemies and the top on the list was Joab who was David’s war commander. Later David died and was full of good old age.

Joab ran into the tabanacle of the Lord and hold on the horn of the alter for safty. In the law of Moses, God instructed that no one should torch whosoever that run into the alter of the Lord for a refuge no matter the level of sin committed so the armies refused to torch him seeing it as an bomination to shed human blood in the holy palce. So they returned and reported the matter to King Solomon but he ingnored and yet sent them to kill him right there in the holy place and they could not disobey the king’s order so they killed him and pour his blood in the holy palce.

In another development, due to the sins of King Solomon, God said he would divide the kingdom into two and give two tribe to him which is Benjamin and Judah and gave the ten tribe to the Jeroboam. King Solomon on hearing this instead of him seeking the face of the Lord for forgiveness as David his father did now sought to kill Jeroboam instead who was of Ephraim of Joseph tribe and Jeroboam was a servant to King Solomon but was very intelligent and bold so all Israel respected him so much.

Since Solomon wanted to kill him as a result to that prophecy that he would rule over the ten tribes so he ran to Egypt and remained in the custody of Pharaoh and later returned to Israel on hearing the death of King Solomon.

Now King Solomon retuned with all the official titles as the Son of God to be born by a virgin. Prophet Jeremiah now prophecy of the tragedy as a re-percussion on what King Solomon is about to face just as he plotted the death of Jeroboam just for the fact that he would rule as a king of the ten tribes. Therefore in the prophecy of Jeremiah, Rachael name was used for the fact that Jeroboam was as descendant of Rachael being the mother of Joseph’s tribe. The prophecy of Jeremaiah was about the slaughter of new born babies at Ramah. Prophet Jeremiah said, “A voice was heard in Ramah, weeping and lamentation, Racheal refued to be conforted becase her children were none…..(or killed). Ramah was the home town of Prophet Samuel being one of the land occupied by Ephraim tribe of Joseph; therefore the prophecy is to be fulfilled at Ramah. Since every prophecy cannot fulfill exactly but with similarities, one could say the prophecy did not come to pass because Ramah was mentioned as the exact place of the tragedy.

Now did the prophecy came to pass? The answer is yes. Now during the birth of King Solomon in the New Testament now called “ Jesus” born by the Virgin Mary, the three wise men who came from the east saw his star and reported the matter to King Herod just as King Solomon was told of King Jeroboam leadership by the prophet. Then Herod asked from the scribes to find out which town, city or village the Messiah was to be born; and they told him was Ephrata in Bethlehem of Judah so it was prophesied by the prophets. Then the king told the wise men to go and search for the child diligently to come back and report to him so that he too will go and worship the new born king. They arrived at the place with the help of the star and found the baby laying in manger and worshipped him but the Lord knowing the danger ahead on time, asked the wise men to take another road to their country and never report the matter to king Hearod with a treating word to ensure that they comply.

King Herod waited and found out that the wise men did not return now ordered his soldiers to go to Bethlehem and kill every new born baby; so they went and killed every new born baby they could find but before then the Angel Gabriel asked Joseph in a dream to carry the son and his mother and flee to Egypt which they did before the arrival of the soldiers.

Therefore the prophecy of Jeremiah about the tragedy fulfilled but the place of the tragedy changed from Ramah now to Bethlehem of Judea instead.

There in Egypt, the Angel Gabriel told Joseph to take his wife and the son back to Isreal for those that wanted to kill him were dead (including King Herod). Therefore the new born King Solomon was in Egypt until the dead of Herod before he retuned to Isreal just as King Jeroabam of Joseph tribe being Rachael descendant whom he sough to kill flee to Egypt and later retuned to rule the ten tribes of Isreal upon his death of the very King Solomon in the Old Testament which also re-occored as a repercussion on his part and for the fulfillment of Rachael’s lamentation prophecy as re-called by Prophet Jeremaiah.

Now there were two two sets of peolpe who witnessed the birth of Christ. One witness is of the devil and the other are of the Lord. The three wise men were the agents of the devil whom he wanted to use in order to devour the child as soon as he was born which the book of Revelation chapter 12 reflected but she escaped with the child to Egypt for his refuse as the vision of Revelation chapter 12 implied and went and wage war with the rest of her offerspring reflecting all the newly born babies at Bethlehem of Judea; although the prophecy still stand for the end-time global event as vision and prophecy fulfills from time to time in a similar forms and not all will fulfill at the same time and at same place exactly.

The bright star from the constellation LEO observed by the wise men and the Great Red Dragon representing the Devil during the birth of Christ and the vergin Mary representing the woman with the child as reflected in the book of Revelation chapter 12 is remarkable. The three wise men were sent by the devil with the aid of the star to alert King Herod so that the child would be killed in other to block the salvation of mind kind but the Lord intervened by sending the child and his mother away who remained in Egypt until the death of Herod.

The other witnesses are the shepared keeping watch over their flocks by night and the Angel Gabriel appeared and announced to them the good news of the new born king of the house of David. He described the exact location of the baby laying in the manger as a sign of identification and being shepards they kew immediately the shepherd folds in bethelem and they went straight to the manger and found the baby laid there and they worshipped him and then retuned quietly to the filed; NO NEWS TO HEROD THE DEVIL AND THE KILLER.

King Solomon retuned in the New Testament with the very title “SON OF GOD” born by the Virgin Mary and performed several signs and wonders by healing the sick and raising the deads yet the Jews did not believe that he was the Messiah for the fact that the Messiah that would come will be a political leader who is to fight and liberate Israel from the hand of the Roman Government that were suppressing them.

The miracle he performed over the resurrection of Lazarus maked the High Priest said that it is safer that they kill Jesus whom most of the Jews are accepting as their Messiah and as their political leader that one day the Roman government will invade Israel because of him and as at that time the whole world was under the control of the Romans and they cannot withstand their armies. While at the same time Jesus himself did not accept to rule over them politically but said that his kingdom is not of this world and preached about the good news of the kingdom of God that is about to take over the whole world during his second coming from above.

Judas being one his Apostles came up with the agenda of selling him to the scribes and pharasis who were trying to arrest and persecute him and he sold his master to them for thirty pieces of silver with the hope that he can resist his arrest and in the process fight for their liberation as their Messiah.

Now prior to his arrest, Jesus aked his Apostles to buy swords and get ready for battle and said that whosover that has a mantle let him sell and buy sword and they said already we have two swords and he said the two is enough. This implies violence as if he was going to shed blood with the help of disciples swords

Later in that Night Judas came up with the soldiers, scribes and Pharasis and kissed him and in attempt to arrest him they fell on the ground by the Power from the Messiah for two times but he recalled that it was wrong to resist because he was assigned to die in order to save the world from their sins and if he resisted then how can the scripture be fulfilled; so he surrounded himself to them but Peter being very bold and courageous could not fold his hand and see his master being taken away; so with the sword already in their possession, he used it and cut off Marcus ear being a servant to a Priest but Jesus healed Marcus and said to Peter”put back your sword for all that carry the sword will perish with the sword’ “If my kingdom is of this world, I have power to ask my father to send me twelve regions of angels to fight but if that is the case how can the scripture be fulfilled?” according to another scriptures of the Apostles.

For Jesus instructing his Apostles to carry the sword to fight against his arrest implies that he had carried the sword also when the came as King Solomon although he was the King of peace of the Old Testament but he violated the law and killed others including Joab David commander right at the alter of the Lord. So he also will pay for it now! Therefore, when Judas came to realized that his master could not save himself against his arrest returned the money to them which they refused to accept and then went straight into the temple and also poured the price of his blood worth of thirty pieces of silver and went and committed suicide. Thus prophet Isaiah said, he was reckoned with the sinners although he did not violence yet he will share his grave with the wicked so that with that knowledge he will turn many to righteousness and the Lord as laid on him the iniquity of us all” being the choosen son of God from King David of old.

The scribed and Pharasis said that it was an abomination to use such blood money poured in the holy place for the temple use instead use the money and bought a field which they will use in burying stangers just as prophet Jeremaiah predicted of the potters field.

For details, See 1Kings 2:28-34, Mat. 26:47-59, Luke 22:35-53, 2 Sam. 3:26-39, Gen 30:22-24, 1kings 11:26-40, 12:1-5, Jer. 31:15, Mat. 2:13-23 & Act chapter 1, Micah 5:2 & John chapter 11

Published: 2006-10-05
Author: Goodnews Adolphus

About the author or the publisher
Goodnews Adolphus is the Pricipal Consultant of G. Delcan Interantional Services, a Christain religious Writer, a Diploma holder in International Trade and Finance and full member of the Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria

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