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Rahul Gandhi : destiny maker of Indian democracy

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Rahul Gandhi:
This young man can control destiny of Indian democracy.Though there is nothing special about son and grand son of former Indian premiers but he holds control over Indian national congress, that runs the Indian government.

Rahul was never interested in politics but this erstwhile management consultant decided to take the plunge .Now western media may find this elected parliamentarian in every political platform.
Critics claim that for Gandhis, indian politics is a serious profession.

One may find it amusing but almost all of the present or former members are deeply involved in politics. However, they fail to note it down that no one has seen the girth of Indian politics more than Rahul Gandhi.

He has been a witness of many tragedies.His father and grand mother became victim to terrorism.His father suffered extreme humiliation because of his supposed friends,philosophers and guides, eg, Bofors.
It is alleged that attempts were made to sideline Gandhis during previous congress regime.

Anywonders, Rahul Gandhi wants to make a mark for himself in a better way.He knows that modern India has no place for slack or indifferent politicians but global newsmakers. Rahul is known to be an unassuming man.He is hardly seen in page-3 culture .Rahul gandhi is a bachelor who loves driving and south Indian food.

He may not be an icon of the masses but he is far better than many spoilt brats of his political fraternity.
Published: 2007-04-17
Author: ashish dimri

About the author or the publisher
Ashish Dimri is an Indian Journalist.He holds a master degree in Mass -Comunication.
His articles has been appreciated in many literary forums.His niche is personality features,motivation

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