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Raining Cats & Dogs: Science & Spirituality in Society

science, spirituality, cats, dogs

On the eve of change, society seems divided into three camps: those of cats, dogs and mice.

Cats are stealth-like pursuers of reason, scientific in their studies, deadly to their prey. They stalk truth in the darkness of night with cool detachment, laying in patient wait unmoving until the moment of proof arrives. Then hypothesis strikes with conclusive theory, and thus law is decreed. Cats, being cats, behave socially aloof, tolerating the presence of another at times, but focused individualistically on their own aims.

Dogs differ from cats in many ways. They arrange themselves hierarchically within a pack, following the lead of their dominant male who barks for the great DOG who is infinite and immortal. Dogs are a zealous lot, driven by passions that tend to manifest as either joy and happiness or territorial rage. However noble their hearts and endearing their faith, dogs tend to be backwards in focus and are seen chasing their tails, looking for divinity in the past or future but failing to recognize Him in their midst.

Thirdly, there thrives a general public of mice, industrious little creatures of business and pleasure who are capable of surviving most anything. Mice are resilient at gathering, storing and trading objects of use and aesthetic quality, and are very much fundamental to the fabric of society even if frowned upon somewhat by cats and dogs. Mice in their plenty may be considered disposable for either respective cause, and a relatively easy catch. Cats put them in mazes and observe their reactions, performing a whole array of studies in the interests of experimental science. Dogs, on the other paw, demonstrate a convert 'em or kill 'em approach.

Cats, dogs, and mice however live not alone on this strange planet they call home, for a myriad of other beasts exist in the periphery. One sort may prove soon to be successor as the culture shifts into a new phase of being: the fox. The clever fox is something of a hybrid species, combining characteristics of both cat and dog in one organism. They walk like cats, and look like dogs, but act like neither. They are unmistakably different, and perhaps the synthesis of science and spirituality.

The fox may emerge as the new norm out of our present dialectical debate, healing the rift between two truly complementary views – intuitive and empirical understanding need not be opposed any longer. Rather, a new field of experience may dawn in which opposites meet and find cohesive unity.

In this scenario, science and spirituality merge into a new field of thought in which science no longer will be crippled by skepticism, and spirituality will be grounded in material proofs. Already, technologies have developed to confirm the existence of some esoteric phenomena that previously were discredited as unrealistic, such as auras and chakras through special photography. Furthermore, abstract sciences such as theoretical astrophysics now are exploring the existence of God.

Truth may be seen as a precious diamond that can be admired through any one of its many facets. Although two or more facets may appear opposed in their positions relative to each other, they share the same beauty that is the whole gem. The fox, by our analogy, models the flexibility to dance upon either sides of life’s seeming edges. We can reconcile our differences between science and spirituality and among the world’s religions, embracing the higher truth that is free of conflict.

Blessed be the fox who lives among us, the strange creature in our midst who shows us a way forward that is both scientific and spiritual.
Published: 2008-01-18
Author: Taylor Judson

About the author or the publisher
Born in Canada, 1975, completed BA & BEd degrees at Queen's University, specializing in Outdoor & Experiential Education. Traveled extensively as an international school teacher, wilderness guide, and whitewater paddler, while pursuing a higher path of spiritual study. Now based in Switzerland where works as a children's author, freelance journalist, massage therapist and healer.

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