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Re light the fire in your marriage by fighting the correct war

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The Bible is not just a book it is INSTRUCTIONS for YOUR life!

So let me tell you the treuth of WHY you always fighting a war in your marriage!!!

Quite simple..see the Bible says OUR FIGHT IS NOT AGAINST FLESH AND BLOOD

Wow!!! Yes that means when you fighting with your spouse, which you once loved so deeply, you falling into the TRAP so many of us fall into today of FIGHTING THE WAR INSIDE OUR HOMES against our family!!! The War is NOT inside your home its against the little demons who have nothing better to do with their time than to cause trouble between loved ones.

Why??? Because demons Hate happy marriages!!! They love fighting, they love HATE and they love seperation! The Bible says 1) Satan comes to steal kill and destroy and 2) Jesus comes to give life and life in is the evidence in Your marriage??? ABUNDANCE or is your marriage DESTROYED?

Who are you allowing to control your marriage? The Good or the Bad? But how are you allowing this attack and war to take place in your marriage? Simple by not following the instructions God you! Instructions to love!

But what is love you might ask, get a bible or email me on

God Bless
Carmen Spatz
Published: 2006-07-20
Author: carmen spatz

About the author or the publisher

I am looking for an opportunity to EXPOSE my talent. I love wriing poems and articles on relationships (family or spouse) and christianity, emotions, children ect...

Please can someone give me the chance Im looking for ? I am not a professio nal writer but would love to become one!

Kindest Regards
Carmen Spatz

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