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Reading As a Hobby


Reading is a habit which helps a lot in life. This practice of reading has taken a back seat with the development of televisions and the internet. Children in the present times are all the time hooked to T.V.sets and the computers. Parents should make an effort of introducing their children to the world of books.

This should be started from a very young age. In fact children are able to understand even if they are not able to speak. You should start showing them picture books on animals, flowers and fruits. These are the things they can easily identify and they will be happy to browse through these books. Here are some steps which you can follow-

Some steps to make a child read

Buy some picture books
Buy some painting books
Make a scrap book by pasting pictures
Make a habit of showing the picture books or reading a story at bed time.
Children like to mimic. If the parents have a regular habit of reading child is sure to follow.

When the child grows up you should expose her to all types of books. Joining a library would be good idea. A regular visit to a book store would give an ample choice. Let the child browse through a wide variety of books on various subject. Do not force your choices on her .Let her choose according to her own liking. You can describe a book you want her to read if she shows some interest you can buy her the book. Spend time with your child to make her understand the story. Answer her questions patiently. Children are very curious and want to satisfy their curiosity. Reading if cultivated as a hobby can make you a very well read person and help you in all spheres of life

Published: 2006-08-03
Author: Rupa Athawale

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