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Reducing the pain of snow removal

snow removal

No real snow yet in mid January

It seems quite odd that I have not had to deal with snow removal yet this year. It is now the middle of January and we have had nothing more than a trace of snow on the ground. It has been very warm, and many of us in this area are scratching our heads as we wonder what exactly is going on with the weather. Even though this has been the case so far, I do think that we will be hit with at least one or two monster snow storms before the winter is through.

Cleaning the sidewalk every few hours

When it comes to snow removal we have always used the same tried and true methods, at least at our home. We have a shovel outside, and we usually have a supply of rock salt. When the heavy snow starts to fall, we make sure we go out every few hours to clear off the sidewalk. This may seem futile as the snow continues to fall, but this saves us from heavy duty snow removal once the storm has passed. Shoveling snow a few inches at a time is far easier on your body than trying to deal with a foot or more all at once.

Odd and even parking rules

We have specific rules about snow removal when it comes to our streets. If you live in town or in the city, you may have rules like these that you have to follow as well. When it comes time for snow removal, they want to make sure cars are parked on one side of the street. If there are cars on each side, it makes removing the snow from the streets nearly impossible. If you have odd and even parking rules in your town or city, this is one of the main reasons they are enforced. You should also remember to remove snow from your car or truck very carefully. Never sweep it out into a newly plowed street.


When things get really bad out there, snow removal can become a huge problem. The city of Buffalo knows this. They always have a lot of snow, and they have had to come up with unique solutions for snow removal in the past. Because the city is located right on Lake Erie, they have had to deal with heavy snow on many occasions when the rest of New York state is clear. One year they got six feet of snow within a matter of days. In the end they had to take a truly unique path for snow removal. They had to remove the snow by dumping it in the lake. They really had no where else to put it.
Published: 2007-10-02
Author: Isabelle Chartrand

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