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Relationship between Plants, Animals, Humans and Earth

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Our relationship with Plants and Animals on planet earth.

The fossil records shows where the first plants began colonizing the planet and that this process began in the sea. Plants have since formed a nutritional basis for the life of insects and all other animals including ourselves. Most plants have the ability to combine the energy of the sun with air, water and minerals from the earth to create their stems, leaves, flowers, pollen, fruits, nuts tubers, roots,-which animals, including humans, consume. The plant world has provided a basis for medicine and health care today.

Communication with plants could reveal even more of their healing abilities and intimate structures without our having to dissect them. Today most contact between plants and humans is with a garden or window box or by taking a walk in the park. But in the past we were intimately involved with plants, especially during food preparation.

Communicating with individual plants, garden, plantations, locations where it is necessary to repair the damage caused by local projects. But, as with the mineral environment, there are now global issues that concern the plant realm. The destruction of the world’s rain forest, for example vast ecosystems act as the lungs of the planet, handing out oxygen and receiving carbon dioxide. They also absorb that rain that falls in a destructive way on a barren earth.

The over lighting spirits of plant groups have much help to offer us humans, but, having failed to communicate with them, we are missing these opportunities. How ever, do not worry, healing which honors and celebrates the plants, will take us all a step closer to a new and more positive beginning with the forests and plants.

Trees provide beautiful examples of being with their heads in the sky and their roots in the golden earth. Some trees are many hundreds of years old and have the wisdom that comes with their enormous years of living.

Animals and plants are constantly held with in many forms of environmental pollutions and devastation, oil and chemical discharge and numerous forms of waste disposal, into the ocean, rivers and on land for example. They also are suffering from the destruction and pollution caused by human conflict. Animals too experience the devastation and interruptions as all other living beings. Unfortunately animals also suffer from diseases and injury as a result of the changes to planet earth.

Domestic animals and pets, like all forms of life, animals respond to love and loveless ness. All animals are sensitive to their owner’s state of health and well being, because they are all able to pick up on all levels of human situations, there are a number of occasions when healing is appropriate and ideal for animal subjects. Some animals maybe too dangerous to approach, either because they are wild, or their injury prevents contact, or they are in inaccessible surroundings. Healing can be called for when a pet animal is dying or passing over. Sadness and a sense of journey and loss, surrounds the passing pet, just like a human person, is dropping off the body and continuing life without it- the life that was there before the body. The healer can join the animal on this part of their journey, so the request for help over a passing, or terminal, illness is an honor.

The natural world is raising human awareness, which couldn’t happen soon enough. The pressure for change increases some people are becoming aware spiritually and are implementing lifestyle changes. But somewhere in-between there are TWO sides to the story creating a general feeling of consciousness.
Published: 2008-05-17
Author: Barbara Haynes

About the author or the publisher
I am 55yrs old, mother of two wonderful girls, now days I am picking up writing and reading after many years of being on the side lines with illness. I have only been a computer owner for 18 months. Since my daughters married I have been trying to re-educate myself with my computer it has been hard work but I am enjoying myself especially looking up subects and doing research for myself. I also love my dogs 2 small chihuaha xbreed dogs.

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