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Relationship values



With the changing times, the attitudes and values toward relationship are changing; the old norms been replaced by the new “soul oriented relationship” .What we see emerging is an increasing capacity to live from and in the soul.
The ‘soul approach’ is based on the soul resonance and shared spiritual purpose in a relationship. Equality, mutuality and reciprocity among the individuals are the key ingredients for a healthy relationship. Both the individuals hold the same or complementary purposes for their lives with specific goals that reflect some intrinsic collective and evolutionary need. Soul based relationships share a cooperative endeavor to “bring things to light” and facilitate to explore what is there. When our purpose is to become whole and see the other as an equal expression of that larger life, then relationship can become a means to experience and unite with God and our total being. Sexual attraction reflects the urge to become whole and to consciously transcend the separation that we experience as man or women. Sex can facilitate this union when the “wholeness”is focused. The soul relationships are so intensely alive therefore they are also very creative. By bringing everything to awareness in the light of our soul, false beliefs and identifications will be naturally released.
On the deepest level, we each have certain intrinsic interests, concerns, values, outlooks and approaches to life. This inner constellation may be different from the one we consciously hold. By bringing these soul attributes to awareness, we may begin to realize our real self and create relationship as an “open doorway” to a boundless happiness.

Published: 2007-05-23
Author: Swatee Sharma

About the author or the publisher
Swatee Sharma
Psychological counsellor

Summary of experience

• Worked as a freelance psychotherapist in a private clinic ’Surya
Naturopathy and Research Centre’ for 2 yrs in Ghaziabad.
• Worked as a psychotherapist in a private psychiatric clinic for 1 year.
• Worked from home on individual cases from the referrals given by some leading psychiatrists.

Educational Qualification

• Post-graduate specialization in Child development from Banasthali Vidyapeeth, Rajasthan, in 1997 with score- 72%.
• M.S.-Psychotherapy from IPMS, Mumbai : (Score-72%)

Summary of Skills
• Therapies – Individual, Marital & Family
• Child Guidance Services – School/College problems, Adolescence/Teenage problems, Anxiety Reduction, Parenting Skills
• Counseling – Emotional Disturbances, Interpersonal & Psychological Problems, Depression, Anxiety, Phobias etc

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