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Marriage is not just love, caring and trust but a comittment for a lifetime and this one has to be in the minds of two people who are about to get married. When you make vows, you are comitted for life. When you say better or worse, you better believe both will come.

Healthy marriage is not a luxury item but what everyone expects and strives for. Having a healthy, happy and fulfilling marriage benefits all family members. When two people get married, a bond is accomplished where they have to understand each others needs, freedom and space required for them to breathe.Experience a lifetime of love, marriage by learning habits that meet important emotional needs of yourself and your spouse. Be your spouse's dream. Tell people good things about your spouse whether he's there or not.Thank and compliment each other, appreciate and respect each other for the qualities you have.

Communication is the biggest source of family happiness in marriage. Take your partner as a friend, be frank and open to him / her and express your views on whatever issues needed but in that case, don't forget to give each other space needed in a relationship to grow. Express your thoughts and sentiments. Listen to each other as it strengthens the relationship between folks by conveying messages of caring and respect.

Ask each other how you could be a better partner. Discuss when you feel loved, appreciated, happiest, saddest, angriest, what would you like more or less in your marriage. When do you feel awkward, uneasy, excited, close, distant, most afraid, what is your greatest concern, fear, feelings difficult to share and last but not the least the best thing about your marriage. Learn to bring intimacy and involvement in your relationship, don't expect only the guy to work on the relationship, infact each one of you should.

Great marriages do nt happen overnight but have to make a bond mutually to move ahead in life together. Marriage takes practise and work but rewards for the lifetime. Where there is mature and deep love, which is being nurtured and jealousy guarded, the couple will confide in each othert and discuss all the matters of joint interest.They will both stand in adversity, will lean on support and give strength to each other and they will realise that their combined strength is double then the strength of either one of them.

God knew all these benefits in marriage and that's why he instituted it. So, follow Go's instructions and have a great and a happy marriage.
Published: 2007-06-04
Author: pooja puri

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i'm a freelance writing on health fashion, hair & skincare since 5 years, my articles have been published in various magazines and newspapers.

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